Business Improvement District Feasibility Study

Why Choose Revive & Thrive for your Business Improvement District Feasibility Study?

Revive & Thrive‘s Business Improvement District Feasibility Study is back with a new team and bold guarantees ensuring that we are achieving the right results. 

The new team brings even more experience and a wealth of new clients to give you the

Download Revive & Thrive's Business Improvement District Feasibility Study Flyer here
Download Revive & Thrive’s Business Improvement District Feasibility Study Flyer

satisfaction that considering a Business Improvement District Feasibility Study for your place is in the right hands. 

Long-standing place practitioners will probably already be aware of Revive & Thrive Director Matthew Powell and Town Centre Management and Business Improvement District Professional Lucy Ball but might not yet have heard of our new Director of Retail and Business Engagement, Sarah Pavlou.

Sarah’s experience, especially within retail, gives us the confidence that we can offer an unprecedented level of engagement and impact with businesses within our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study.  You can read more about Sarah at the end of this page.

Download our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study brochure here.

  • Experience of working with many town and city centres over many years, from feasibility and development to management, evaluation and renewal
  • Advice on standard Business Improvement District developments, industrial Business Improvement Districts, tourism Business Improvement Districts, property owner Business Improvement Districts
  • UK wide network of Business Improvement District experts and practitioners with a geographical spread that understands regional issues and different ‘types’ of towns such as Market, Coastal, etc.
  • National promotion for your place while your Business Improvement District is developed through our 30,000 social media reach, our growing membership and through Place Magazine. Subscribers to this free place related magazine are growing daily and it is directly delivered to over 4,000 people and each edition is shared continually via social media for a month
  • We can showcase your place by hosting a regional networking event
  • Bespoke and individually tailored and costed solutions for your place
  • Innovative BIDBase BID management tool (database), free websites for your businesses and discounted products and services via our links to place solution providers 
  • Our clear grasp of client needs and the problem-solving capabilities that we can provide
  • A practical understanding of the realities of retailers of all sizes and sectors
  • Ability to successfully support the scale-up of retail businesses, increasing job opportunities as a legacy of the Business Improvement District Feasibility Study
  • We have senior level contacts, giving direct access to decision-takers and top retail brands
  • We enjoy a close collaboration with clients. We deliver hands- on involvement, adept change management and the ability to energise stakeholders and cultivate confidence in success
  • Our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study understands the requirement for clear communications covering strategy, goals, planning and all aspects of implementation


Revive & Thrive New Team’s Clients  include –At Arwel is one of the sponsors of Revive & Thrive

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Chippenham Business Improvement District
  • Sunderland City Market Traders
  • Debenhams
  • Disney
  • Ealing Council
  • Exeter Business Improvement District
  • GEOX
  • Hamleys
  • Harbourside / Porthcawl Maritime Centre
  • Hastings Borough Council
  • Hexham Business Improvement District
  • Llangefni Town Council
  • Minehead Business Improvement District
  • New Look
  • Next
  • Northumberland Council
  • Poole Business Improvement District
  • Quiz
  • Storm Flowers London
  • Sunderland City Council
  • Weston Business Improvement District (first term & renewal)
  • Numerous Business Improvement Districts and Councils through our membership and wider networks
  • Numerous innovators and providers of tools and solutions for town centres and high streets


Revive & Thrive’s Business Improvement District Feasibility Study – Our Commitment to YOU

Revive & Thrive acknowledges that engagement with business and winning their hearts and minds is the hardest part of place management. Revive & Thrive tackles this head on and has spent many years building the right team to deliver this.

Read more about our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study in Place Magazine
Read more about our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study in Place Magazine

With our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study we are confident that we can gain excellent engagement locally to enable your business community to make the right decisions and thrive.

To support this claim, Revive & Thrive includes pre-agreed penalty clauses in our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study contracts if we do not hit the agreed KPIs regarding engagement and / or impact. Furthermore, if businesses in your area are in favour of testing a BID at ballot, we will add another set of pre-agreed mechanisms in the ensuing contract to reduce costs as we will already have significant knowledge of the area

We will be effective from day one of the Business Improvement District development phase to the ballot. We will know your local community; the influencers and the detractors, the shapers and the shakers and the landscape and environment of the BID. Therefore, we will not require any acclimatizing or gathering local knowledge.


Our Business Improvement District Feasibility Service offers the following guarantees:

  • To devise and agree the right proposed BID area
  • We will build a contact database of business activity in the proposed BID area via our partnership with BIDBase
  • We will guarantee a minimum level of survey responses as part of the Business Improvement District Feasibility Study, based on the size of your area, to produce a robust feasibility analysis. Measurement and target KPIs will be agreed at contract stage through discussion
  • We will give you options and recommendations on the best ways to model your BID area and levy rates
  • We will also be very honest in our assessments, and advise if we think a BID is not a feasible option for your place, and look at other ways to help it thrive
  • We will provide detailed analysis of the Rating List of your BID area by sector, geography, and RV so that we really know the stakeholders and understand the occupancy and business use of your place
  • Using our skills in improving understanding of the retail needs of local consumers, key drivers, how to attract more visitors, appraising scale of opportunity, average visitor spend, SWOT analyses of regional competitors, etc., we will really get under the skin of your business community and deliver the best Business Plan including a full Retail Strategy for your proposed BID
  • We will make early recommendations on BID projects based on the outcomes of the business survey
  • We will help you decide how best to fund a BID development
  • Offer a bid writing service for BID loan if necessary.
  • During the feasibility process we will undertake every possible measure to have face to face conversations with the right people in local businesses. We will be visible and on the ground having real discussions winning hearts and minds with honest coaching and debate. Our confidence in this area means that we will add penalty clauses to the contract if agreed KPIs are not delivered.
  • Prior to commencing work we will guarantee to hold an agreed number of business meetings within the contract and during the same term ensure that we maximise attendance at each meeting through discussion, social media, email and other available marketing. Our enviable experience of retail both local independent and national retail will ensure that your place makes the right decision during ballot
  • Our ability to communicate at the right level with businesses and retailers will ensure excellent engagement and survey responses throughout the process.
  • Our unique ability to attract new brands that will upgrade and energise your retail environment will kickstart the BID’s early stages and offer opportunities for quick wins
  • We will draw all of the above together in a comprehensive and robust feasibility study and subsequent business plan
  • We will be there, with you, hands- on, on the ground, to get a true feel for the feasibility of a BID in your area and take your PLACE to the next level

To find out more email or call 03330 124285


Meet Revive & Thrive’s latest team member Sarah Pavlou – Director of Retail and Business Engagement

Sarah brings to Revive & Thrive an enviable experience and skill set that is highly focused on supporting retail and other town businesses.Key to our Business Improvement District Feasibility Study is new team member Sarah Pavlou

Revive & Thrive is extremely excited to be utilizing her skills to deliver an unprecedented level of engagement and impact throughout all the different stages of a Business Improvement District’s lifespan.

Our excitement at this development has encouraged us to renew Revive & Thrive’s BID Feasibility Service. This unrivalled service offers guarantees and penalties to the client if a pre-agreed set of KPIs are not met; we know they will be.


Sarah  Pavlou Biography

Sarah started her career in retail on the shop-floor at the age of 16. Fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best-known brands worldwide, including Debenhams, Hamleys, GEOX, Etam, New Look, NEXT etc. she has devoted her life to retail growth investing in people and businesses of all sizes, sectors and channels in reaching their full potential. Recognised as an inspiring and motivational leader, managing multiple teams and stakeholders across various disciplines, she delivers high profit outcomes and sustainable working environments where both the business and its people thrive. 

Sarah is a passionate self-starter with uncompromising commitment to business success; encouraging individual resourcefulness, a can-do culture, taking ownership, converting opportunities and achieving goals.

Now based in the UK, she has worked in more than 6 countries and numerous cultures, including Cyprus, Dubai, Norway and Russia, helping clients enter new markets, source investment partners, grow sales, modernize stores, adapt to the world of global e-commerce, engage and connect brands with local consumers and train staff.


Skills and Experience

Sarah knows from experience that success is based on practical essentials like strong branding, the right

product and positioning, innovative presentation, operational efficiency, well-motivated and properly trained staff, an uncompromising commitment to customer care and growing market share – and nothing drives success better than increased profits.

With her wide-ranging experience in sales and management both as an entrepreneur and consultant, she approaches her work with an eye for detail, a constructive but also frank and determined approach to finding improvements and an ability to think outside the box. Knowing effective solutions start with accurate identification of the current state of her clients’ business, she starts with a full business diagnostic with every case in hand.


Next steps…..Revive & Thrive Retail:

In addition to the renewed BID services that we are offering with Sarah, she will also be developing Revive & Thrive Retail.

Revive & Thrive Retail will conduct one to one business reviews with all local sole traders and key high-street brands, delivering a citywide retail strategy and individual business owner reports that identify areas for scalable growth, brand/product diversification and local win-win collaborations for all involved. We will streamline retail processes to avoid wastage and inefficiencies and establish a joined-up retail operation citywide working in sync with one another. 

We will advise on funding opportunities for achieving local enterprise objectives and produce tailored training programmes meeting all local needs.

We will deliver training theory and interactive workshops onsite, ensuring sustainable results that can contribute to a local structured retail network, sharing best practice and collectively determining the future of your local high-street.

You can contact Sarah on phone 03330 124285 or by email on