Llangefni Town Centre Partnership

The Isle of Anglesey County Council (IoACC) is working with Revive & Thrive to identify and present an integrated and efficient Town Centre Management structure & organisational development framework with regards to the Llangefni Town Centre Partnership. The work is funded by the Welsh Government via its Town Centre Partnership Fund.

The objective of the piece of work is to strengthen the links between various groups and organisations in Llangefni. In the first week of January 2015 Revive & Thrive will provide guidance and assist in the development of a new management structure that will enable Llangefni to benefit from:

  • The Council’s corporate regeneration strategy, assisting in its delivery within the overall Community Plan framework
  •  A management and partnership structure which will enable Llangefni to be able to meet its regeneration objectives and develop clear standards of service and improve the quality of the town centre for users
  •  The provision of a management framework for the delivery of regeneration initiatives for the Town Centre and where applicable the wider community
  • A clear framework for the prioritisation and delivery of resources within the existing town centre hierarchy

This project and the new Town Centre Management Strategy will address the challenges faced by Llangefni Town Centre which include diminishing resources, a lack of available funding and empty units and will set out a revised management structure.

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