Revive & Thrive in Porthcawl

Revive & Thrive Regional Regeneration Event in Porthcawl

10th November 2017 at The Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl

We are very pleased to have been invited to partner in this new Regeneration Event in Porthcawl with Porthcawl Harbourside CIC.

Early discussions and fact finding about Porthcawl identified the fact that the businesses and residents are very engaged and committed to the town’s future.

Revive & Thrive are partnering in this regeneration event in Porthcawl to help to identify a sustainable model for moving forward and a compelling and believable brand for the town.

Details of the current thinking in the town can be found below or you can  download more information about the event and the town here

Everyone is welcome.  Email to reserve your place

To explore further growth opportunities and establish Porthcawl as a vibrant resort

By providing a collective voice for business both large and small driving forward a powerful agenda to develop an identity for Porthcawl as a vibrant and cultural destination and a great place to do business with a strong historic background & flourishing future for all who work, visit and live in the area.


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Porthcawl is experiencing competition from neighbouring city centres, out-of-town retail parks, low cost foreign holidays and of course the internet. Visitors and shoppers are looking for more when coming into town, an experience worth having, in a clean safe environment that offers a wide variety of attractions, amenities and shops.

Visitors and shoppers have the world of choice at their finger-tips and nearby towns offering similar attractions are just as easy to visit.

Large shopping centres and out of town retail parks charge a service levy to all their tenants to offer security teams, a clean environment and a targeted marketing resource. Many town centres are struggling to compete with this and the rapidly changing retail sector. However, by a town coming together in a ‘joined up’ way there are opportunities to successfully compete and additional grant funding can be generated to help the town to become more attractive and welcoming to visitors and investors.

Led by the businesses in the town, will help our businesses to grow and improve, enhancing the town for residents and visitors, through innovative, new projects


The ‘do nothing option’ What will fill the void?

Public sector funding has been cut dramatically and the future only promises deeper
and wider reductions in Council services. It is already evident that the Public Sector
is increasingly unable to provide many of the enhanced marketing and additionalVery pleased to be holding a Revive & Thrive regeneration event in Porthcawl with Porthcawl Harbourside
services that add value to places like Porthcawl. Borough Councils role is changing
from provider to enabler where business and communities have to take up the reins
to address the widening void.

However – Let’s be positive!

Some of the things that we will be discussing at the regeneration event in Porthcawl are – 

Investment in the harbour has encouraged wider investment to create the emerging Harbour Quarter.
• The completed Jennings Building refurbishment, in-progress Maritime Centre and the Ice Cream kiosk refurbishment.
• Heritage Lottery grants have been leveraged to encourage townscape commercial
premises upgrades.
• The Town Council is developing plans to refurbish the Eastern Esplanade to extend
the promenade experience from Ocean View Flats right through to Coney Beach.
• Existing and new retailers are enhancing the local and visitor retail offer.
• Malc’s café in Rest Bay is undergoing a major re-development with plans for a smaller
centre being discussed to enhance facilities at Newton Beach.

OpportunitiesOne of the options for Porthcawl would be the consideration of a BID at the regeneration event in Porthcawl

Principal feedback from businesses, visitors and residents:
• The perception of the town
• The overall image of the town centre
• A lack of evening and night-time attractions
• Free car parking
• Quality and availability of public toilets
• Gaps in the towns ‘retail offer’.
Two main issues for business: ‘cheaper parking’; and a ‘co-ordinated marketing
strategy positively promoting the town centre’ are improvements that would help
“a lot”.

The next five most popular improvements were: all year round programme of special
events to attract higher spending customers’; ‘coach parking’; ‘improvements to public
spaces’; and ‘improved street cleanliness and emptying of bins’.

One specific initiative that would really benefit business, ‘free parking’ drew the most
comments, followed by “events”. Other initiatives mentioned include: Town wide free
wi-fi and a marketing strategy to raise the profile of the town for residents, businesses
and visitors.  More will be discussed at our regeneration event in Porthcawl.

  1. Marketing, Public Relations & ImageThe regeneration event in Porthcawl stands a sporting chance of making a big difference to the town
    a. Encouraging more visitors and residents of England & Wales to visit Porthcawl
    and spend money in the resort’s businesses through a co-ordinated and concerted
    marketing and public relations campaign.
    b. Concentrating on promoting the positive images and visitor experience of Porthcawl as a place to visit & use as a base for wider exploration of the County Borough & beyond.
    c. Porthcawl to take more control of our own future, and the image we present.
    d Porthcawl is a dynamic confident town and it’s time to start selling Porthcawl as the
    top destination it is portrayed in the media.
  2. Raise Porthcawl’s profile through marketing, public relations and events designed to attract additional visitors all year round leading to increased sales.
  3. Increase the vibrancy of Porthcawl through a co-ordinated and well-publicised
    programme of events.
  4. Improve the street environment providing a better resort experience for your
    customers and a more attractive place to trade.
  5. Deliver additional services to those already being delivered by the statutory agencies
    – current services will be recorded.
  6. Reduce business costs through collaborative marketing initiatives and joint purchasing schemes which will offset the cost of your annual contribution.
  7. Give the business community greater involvement in Porthcawl with a ‘voice’


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