Talking Towns Event Tamworth – June 22nd 2015

Revive & Thrive: Talking Towns – Presenting Solutions 

Revive & Thrive’s series of Town Events takes a new turn for Tamworth when we invite the delegates to discuss how to address issues being faced in UK’s towns and cities with a panel of experts in their fields.

The usual Revive & Thrive principles of sharing best practice and project ideas for communities for free remains the same, but now with added interaction and two-way share of ideas.  

This new solution led discussion between delegates and specialists and experts from different disciplines will create a learning experience that will deliver outcomes for everyone to take back to their communities and apply.  We look forward to seeing you there. 


09.30 – Registration, networking and refreshments.

10.00 – Introduction and welcome: Stacy Birt (Tourism and Town Centre Development Officer, Destination Tamworth) , Ronnie Brown (MD, Blachere Illumination) and Revive & Thrive Board Members Alison Bowcott McGrath (MD, Bo Concepts) and Jeremy Rucker (MD, City Dressing)

10.15 – Panel Discussion One – Increasing dwell time and nurturing the wider exploration of town and city centres.

Chaired by Alison Bowcott McGrath

Panellists include –

  • Guy Chatburn  (Rewarding Visits)
  • Stacy Birt   (Destionation Tamworth)Destination Tamworth Logo landscape
  • Ronnie Brown  (Blachere Illumination)
  • Jonathan Docksey (Design JD)
  • Helen Goodwin (Made You Look)
  • Jeremy Rucker   (City Dressing)
  • Frances O’Neill  (Global Treasure Apps)
  • Mark Brodermann   (AppMaestro)

10.55 – Refreshments

11.10 – Matthew Powell, Revive & Thrive Ltd. How everyone can be involved and how it could change the town centre arena forever. 

11.20 – Panel Discussion Two – Commercialisation of the High Street and using Technology to power Business Improvement Districts and Town Teams.

Chaired by Jeremy Rucker

Panellists include –

  • Sailesh Chauhan  (StreetCloud)
  • Sven Latham   (Noggin)
  • Colin Munro  (miconex)
  • Alison Bowcott-McGrath
  • Jonathan Docksey
  • Matthew Powell   (Revive & Thrive)
  • Ronnie Brown
  • Chris Gregory (Andover Town Centre Manager)

12.05 – Ronnie Brown, Managing Director, Blachere Illumination:  Christmas Lights are Free plus update on £10,000 Revive and Thrive Christmas Lights competition sponsored by Blachere Illumination.

12.30 – TBC of Destination Tamworth:  Walking tour of Tamworth Town Centre

13.00 – Free buffet lunch, kindly provided by Blachere Illumination

13.30 – Presentation about business engagement, based on the successes being enjoyed in Tamworth.

13.45 – Panel Discussion Three – Engaging with local businesses for their own good and the good of the wider town or city

Chaired by Alison Bowcott McGrath

Panellists include –

  • Helen Goodwin
  • Stacy Birt
  • Mark Brodermann
  • Matthew Powell
  • Colin Munro
  • Sven Latham

14.30 – Refreshments

14.50 – Panel Discussion Four – Looking beyond technology to collaboration and their ability to increase commercial opportunities in a town or city

Chaired by Matthew Powell

Panellists include –

  • Frances O’Neill
  • Ronnie Brown
  • Jeremy Rucker
  • Alison Bowcott McGrath
  • Chris Gregory
  • Sailesh Chauhan
  • Stacy Birt
  • Guy Chatburn

15.30 – Summing up and what we have learnt.  Stacy Birt, Jeremy Rucker, Ronnie Brown and Matthew Powell

16.00 – Close




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