New BID Healthcheck Service

Up to five years of customised benefits to see you through every year of your BID term.

We have created a custom service for Business Improvement Districts that is designed to give peace of mind to their directors, managers and boards.

Often, after BIDs are given approval, they are left unsupported and unchecked until ballot time comes around. In this unique approach we give annual feedback, reports and knowledge throughout the BID term at whatever year you are in.

BIDs can take out the service at any point in their term and only pay for the remaining years with annual installments or with one payment up front.

What do you get?

As well as the extensive Full Place Membership benefits you will receive the following during your BID term:

Bi-monthly, template emails which include best practice and other articles narrated by us for the BID to share with levy payers. This will help them understand that by being within a BID they are part of a national movement.

BID status health-check. At a non-critical time understand how the BID is currently shaping up.

This health-check will include a full review of BID activities to include review of projects progress against business plan, survey of directors, interview with manager and more.

Sentiment assessments. Gauge the sentiment of the levy payers pre renewal.

With one eye on taking the BID onto a second five year tenure the sentiment assessment will include short business survey sent via BID’s CRM, interview with manager etc.

This is perfect for identifying any ‘red flags’ that might hamper the renewal ballot.

Visit from one of the team where we will discuss an agenda for 8 hours free consultancy.

What does it cost?

Payment can be made with annual installments or one up front payment. You will only pay installments for the number of years that remain in your BID term. You will pay at the anniversary of joining each year via recurring payment with a 12 month contract.

Installment 1: £600
Installment 2: £400
Installment 3: £350
Installment 4: £350
Installment 5: £300

There is also the option to include BCR Accreditation at an extra £150 per year.

This great service combined with our new UK BIDs Feasibility Programme make a simple, effective and reliable course for your complete BID development.

Simply contact us if you are interested.