Bradford BID’s Business Plan

The BID Business Plan is split into four key “pillars” – Safe, Clean, Alive and Promoted.

Under the “PROMOTED” pillar, marketing and promoting the city centre, bringing in more visitors and encouraging investment will be right at the top of the BID’s agenda.

Projects to encourage investment in the city centre included targeted marketing of Bradford as a place in which to “work, play and stay,” repositioning it more strongly as tourist destination for short breaks and experiences and supporting and developing the UNESCO City of Film brand which has been highly successful in attracting TV programme and film makers.

The BID will work alongside other organisers to supplement events in the £25 million landmark City Park, ensuring footfall is spread across the city centre, and encourage would-be investors to realise its potential. It will also encourage greater lobbying, representation and championing of the city.

Bradford BID
Bradford BID

It will also look to work more with tourism partnerships, such as Visit England and Visit Britain to promote the city and its attractions on a national and international scale and encourage those who visit shows to stay overnight and explore the city more.

Under the “ALIVE” umbrella, the BID will help Bradford “come alive with new events and entertainment” designed to bring people back into the city centre and instil a new sense of civic pride.

One of the key goals is to ensure the city centre is a vibrant area and a place people can enjoy all year round. The BID plans to help build on the success of existing events and to introduce a programme of extra activities to draw in many more visitors and shoppers.

It will support new seasonal events including more regular, quality outdoor craft, food, speciality and cultural markets to benefit a range of areas in the city centre.

It will aim to make more of Bradford’s heritage through the introduction of initiatives such as vintage bus trips around the city centre, heritage trails and City of Film tours and there will be more street entertainment and public art.

Giving the city centre a new shine will be one of the top priorities under the “CLEAN” pillar.

Hot-washing the streets, removing the chewing gum menace, improving the appearance of empty shop units and applying anti-graffiti coatings in key areas are just a few of the projects that are likely to be tackled.

To improve the appearance of empty shops, the BID aims to Introduce attractive vinyl wrapping and animation on long-term empty units; liaise with landlords to make them aware of issues with their property early so they can act to stop them falling into disrepair; remove fly-posting and graffiti and gather evidence for possible enforcement action; deep-clean vacant doorways and entrances and introduce a cleaning programme for problem windows and door frontages.

The streets will be subject to a rolling programme of hot-washing and there will be a proactive cleansing regime every morning with a special focus on removing debris left by rough sleepers or late-night revellers. And business owners should also be able to call on a service clean up hazardous waste if they spot it.

Efforts to tackle false perceptions of high levels of crime will come under the “SAFE” agenda. Key projects include working alongside existing agencies and initiatives to reduce anti-social behaviour and share intelligence to help prevent it; ensuring the city centre is marketed and promoted as a safe place to visit.

The BID will work with partners to explore new technology that is available to make the city centre a safer place and employ a team of ambassadors, who will have a pronounced role around providing additional security and a welcome to the city centre.

It aims to work closely with the University of Bradford and Bradford College to further promote the Student Safe Spot scheme and investigate the development of city centre lighting schemes to make darker areas feel safer.

Among the other proposals is a project to deliver the prestigious Purple Flag status, which recognises a well-managed evening economy with high standards and best-practice and the BID also hopes to resurrect and develop the Pubwatch scheme with the police and licensed premises.