Revive & Thrive to assess the standards of Business Crime Reduction Partnerships nationally


Revive & Thrive has just been announced as one of only two organisations in the UK to deliver assessments for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP) to towns and cities nationwide.

A BCRP is a subscription-based, business-led, non-profit making action group working with police and the local authority to tackle and reduce crime and disorder affecting businesses.

There are numerous BCRPs across the UK and they are increasingly considered as a must have for any town centre or any area where there are multiple businesses.  They are also an essential consideration for Business Improvement Districts (BID), town centre partnerships and councils.

Mark Barnes, Managing Director and Founder of Revive & Thrive, said “It’s an honour to be awarded this essential piece of work for ensuring safe communities for businesses to trade in.

We look forward to delivering this contract for Secured by Design on behalf of the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC).

We will be offering this service to our membership and to all place partnerships as well as to organisations that are not connected with wider place management.”

Martin Blackwell, who was instrumental in bringing the new BCRP standards together said “I’m delighted that Revive & Thrive has become one of only two assessing organisations in the country.

Revive & Thrive’s strength in applying its network’s experience in place management and ensuring safe environments for businesses to operate in will help to raise the standards of BCRPs.  Additionally, it will also reassure the businesses that fund the partnerships that they are getting value for money.”

Revive & Thrive’s Crime Expert, Andrew Sharman, said “The South West Business Crime Centre is pleased to be assisting Revive & Thrive to deliver business crime reduction support to their members and beyond.

The need for robust, compliant initiatives is greater than ever and BIDs and Town Centre Management organisations are well placed to address these issues affecting communities across the country.

We are pleased to be able to bring the benefit of our experience in delivering award winning innovations in this arena to support those seeking to make business areas safe and welcoming for all, and ensuring that the highest standards in operation are promoted and shared for the benefit of everyone.”

If your town centre is seeking to create a safer environment within its business community, from department stores to small and medium-sized enterprises, then Revive & Thrive and the NBCC recommends the creation of a BCRP. Is ordering generic Levitra online safe, learn on

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