BID Development

BID Development – Planning, Implementation and Delivery

Revive & Thrive can help with all elements of BID Development including helping with BID Loan Fund applications.

On this page we focus on the functions that we include within the planning, implementation and delivery stages.

BID Development – PlanningBID Feasibility is the first stage in BID Development - Revive and Thrive can help

  • Database development – collating Revenues and other existing databases along with on-the-ground sourcing of business information, we will build you a bespoke database via the BIDBase platform that will work for communications, balloting and data management
  • BID sub-group meetings – we will work with your BID Development Steering Group to give its members the confidence to make the right decisions on behalf of all businesses in your BID area, meeting face to face with them at least monthly
  • Identify and support BID champions – in partnership with your BID Development Steering Group, we will identify those other businesses that support the BID and help them to deliver the right messages to the wider business community
  • Survey – we will develop, promote and compile a business survey to understand what projects are right for your BID
  • Public sector consultations – by working with the local billing authority, we will ensure that your council(s) are on board with the BID, understand the implications to them and can take advantage of the benefits
  • Business consultations and communication – we will engage with your business community face to face on a weekly basis during the BID development to ensure they understand the benefits a BID can bring to them. We will schedule regular e-bulletins and ensure communications are appropriate, effective and regular
  • Identify BID themes – by reviewing the BID feasibility study, we will draw out the themes that you want your BID to work on. Alongside the survey, we will develop these themes into tangible, deliverable projects that will make a difference to your BID area and the businesses within it
  • BID proposal – we will help your BID Development Steering Group to draw up a business plan for your BID that businesses can get behind and vote in favour of. As well as highlighting what a BID will deliver, we will guarantee that your BID proposal meets all legal, technical and regulatory requirements
  • BID modelling – throughout the process, we will keep a constant eye on the proposed BID boundary and levy percentages to ensure that income and interest are maximised whilst not impacting on the outcome of the ballot

Local Authority Relationship

  • Identify primary local authority contact – we will work closely alongside the nominated officer(s) from your local billing authority to equip them with all that they need to allow the BID to develop smoothly within the council’s own frameworksNetworking is key with Revive and Thrive BID Development
  • Agree local authority processes – we will ensure that the BID Development Steering Group understands the processes and timescales required by the local billing authority and ensure that all deadlines are met
  • Attend council meetings – where appropriate and where necessary, we will attend meetings with local councillors to ensure support for your BID at all levels within the public sector
  • Draw up baseline agreements – we will work alongside officers within the council to ensure that the necessary baseline agreements are in place prior to ballot
  • Agree balloting procedures – we will work with the council’s elections team to ensure that processes and procedures for the ballot are in place and help them to manage the ballot while it is running
  • Agree billing arrangements – we will work with the council’s Revenues Department to ensure that billing arrangements are transparent and in place prior to the ballot
  • Operating Agreement – we will ensure that this is in place, in draft format as a minimum, and available to voting businesses prior to the ballot and work with all parties to ensure it is signed off before the BID begins operations
  • Milestones – we will otherwise ensure that all legal, technical, regulatory and local milestones are met at the appropriate times throughout the course of your BID development

Campaign Functions

  • BID development timeline – we will put in place a week by week timeline encompassing all aspects of the BID ballot campaign to ensure that turnout and yes votes are maximised
  • Agree balloting procedures – we will agree with the local billing authority and any third parties on how the ballot will be managed and implement that plan during the BID ballot
  • Pre-ballot events – we will hold business engagement events in the run-up to the ballot as well as during the ballot itself to give all businesses more opportunities to engage face to face with the BID team
  • Branding – working alongside the BID Development Steering Group, we will develop and implement a brand for your BID to be used across all media for the duration of the campaign and as the BID begins
  • Revive and Thrive Place Magazine is evidence of the quality of the marketing that we will offer in your BID development.Marketing strategy – we will develop a marketing strategy to ensure that all businesses are engaged with the BID, understand it and are aware of the benefits it can bring to maximise both turnout and yes votes
  • Canvassing action plan – we will put together a canvassing action plan for the project team, BID Development Steering Group, BID Champions and local authority officers to ensure that there are people on the ground across your BID area for the duration of the BID ballot
  • Canvassing – we will support you on the ground throughout the BID ballot period to maximise turnout and yes votes

BID Development – Implementation

Once the ballot closes, the real work begins! Assuming that the outcome of the BID ballot is positive, there will be much to do before the BID can actually begin, starting with the communication of the ballot result.

Almost immediately, you will need to establish the BID company itself and recruit a Board of Directors.  They will need to understand the commitment and differences between being a volunteer on a BID Development Steering Group and being a Company Director.

Our Recruitment service will be key during your BID Development.Probably the first task for the Board will be to recruit a BID Manager as this person will not only be tasked with delivering the projects within your business plan but will also need to get to grips with how they see the day to day operations of the BID being run.

Prioritising the first year’s tasks, looking at the quick wins and understanding the longer-term strategic needs of the BID and local business community are all vital, even before the BID formally commences.

From a technical and financial perspective, you will need to open a bank account, agree with your local billing authority as to how and when you will receive your first payments, register the BID for VAT and ensure that insurance and data protection procedures are in place.

Revive & Thrive is here to help you throughout that process.

BID Development – Delivery

Meetings are key as part of BID developmentFor BIDs that have begun operations, Revive & Thrive has a number of support options, whatever your needs, from interim management to general support and advice.

Using our networks, partners and expertise, we can support your BID by:

  • Working with you and your Board on governance issues and company oversight
  • Helping you with annual and interim reports, project and performance evaluation
  • Strengthening your team with our recruitment service
  • Advising on how to maximise levy and third-party income
  • Writing marketing and other strategies and helping you to implement them
  • Developing your online and social media channels
  • Improving your routes to engagement with your levy-paying businesses
  • Providing you with a range of HR support, from job descriptions to recruitment processes and staff development
  • Ensuring you are delivering maximum return on investment for your levy-paying businesses
  • Facilitating the delivery of your projects across the whole range of what your BID does
  • Putting your BID in the best possible position to be successful with its renewal ballot

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