BID Renewal

The all important endorsement of your hard work.

BID Renewal

Revive & Thrive has comprehensive programme for BID Renewal which includes the  following:

  • Carry out a full review of the existing BID business plan, evaluate projects undertaken by the BID and perform a SWOT analysis of the current BIDEngaging with businesses again is essential for BID Renewal
  • Design and gather responses to a business survey reflecting on perceptions of the current-term BID and beginning to look ahead to what the next term might deliver. This will be put together in conjunction with the existing BID Board and other stakeholders and will be completed both online and in-person
  • Promote a series of business networking events which, again, will provide an opportunity to reflect on the current BID and look ahead to the next five years as well as bring in guest speakers
  • Alongside completing the business survey, undertake a refresh of the BID database, including voter details and contact details for all businesses
  • Engage in a series of meetings with public sector and other key stakeholders in the area
  • Review local authority processes such as billing arrangements, Operating Agreements, etc., and seek renewal of all public-sector baseline agreements. Work alongside the relevant departments of the local authority to ensure that ballot processes are in place
  • Recommend and seek approval from the Board on “BID modelling”, including establishing opportunities (if appropriate) to review BID boundary and levy
  • Hold a series of sector-based workshops to draw out and define priorities for the next BID term
  • In line with all of the above, and in conjunction with the BID Board and wider business community draw up a business plan for BID renewal ballot

The review, evaluation and consultation work outlined above will Revive and Thrive helps BIDs with every stage of their lives up to and including BID Renewalpredominantly be carried out early on in the project and we would seek to have this completed in 4-6 months.  Workshops would be scheduled to take place over the following 2-3 months with the aim of having the business plan completed by the end of month 8.

Revive & Thrive would work alongside the BID Board, BID Champions and other local stakeholders to promote the new BID business plan during months 9-10 and would ensure a strong on-the-ground presence during the vital balloting stage.

This approach is based on an established but flexible project development timeline used by Revive & Thrive for BID ballots.  This includes the following aspects:

  • Hosting a series of open meetings for all businesses in the BID area – including inviting speakers from other BIDs
  • Supporting the Board with all aspects of BID modelling and business plan development
  • Ensuring that online media is appropriate, appealing and up to date
  • Review, refresh and update the BID’s database
  • Regular newsletters sent to businesses in the BID area
  • Creation of a BID surveyRemember when you were at BID Feasibility stage? Now you're at BID Renewal, well done!
  • Regular meetings with key local authority personnel
  • Attendance at various key stakeholder meetings
  • Review and refresh of baseline and operating agreements
  • Statutory notifications as required under the BIDs legislation
  • Writing the BID Business Plan
  • Extensive liaison with businesses in the BID area, both before and during the ballot
  • Communications and meetings with key levy payers
  • Ballot management during the four-week ballot period

Revive & Thrive understands that all BIDs have distinct needs, budgets and levels of experience.  As such, we will tailor the above elements into a bespoke package to meet clients’ requirements.

Please contact or call 03330 124 285 to discuss your BID area’s renewal.

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