Click. Collect. Clean Air.

A behaviour change campaign promoting ‘click & collect’ for online shopping purchases instead of personal deliveries to work.

No one likes missing a delivery at home, but having online shopping sent to work addresses in town centres adds to traffic congestion and air pollution. (It also means consumers have to carry shopping home on the bus or train!).  

Barclaycard[1] has revealed that 40% of online shoppers chose to have their purchases sent to their professional address, with 8% of people receiving deliveries to their workplace on a daily basis. For example, in the West End, a workforce of 150,000 would therefore mean a whopping 12,000 parcels estimated to be delivered into the area every day.  The volume of vehicles required to facilitate this is a key contributor to the poor air quality in London, and other UK town centres.Another stroy to be found in Place Magazine

Cross River Partnership and our partners are urging workers to take vital steps towards cleaner air and reducing health risk by rethinking how they manage their online shopping habits during Christmas shopping and January sales seasons.

There are now a number of ways for individuals to click and collect their online purchases to avoid having items delivered to their workplace, such as Amazon Lockers, InPost, Parcelly, HubBox and Doddle. These companies provide consolidated deliveries to convenient locations for consumers, and work with businesses to provide corporate membership and discount offers for employees.

Cross River Partnership’s ‘Click. Collect. Clean Air’ campaign brings all these solutions together.  Click. Collect. Clean Air. has been promoted to businesses and central London employees by over 20 business improvement districts and boroughs since launching a year ago. 

The campaign promotes the use of Click & Collect services to reduce the number of missed deliveries and redirect personal packages from workplaces to parcel collection points closer to consumers’ homes.  Delivery of online shopping to ‘Click & Collect’ sites helps reduce the number of vans on central London streets, reducing air pollution and making for a nicer, safer and healthier place to visit, shop and work.

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Central to the campaign is a unique website,, which maps parcel collection points across London and the U.K. With hundreds of locations from multiple providers, the site makes it easy for online shoppers to find a convenient collection point close to home or along commute routes.

As part of the campaign, CRP worked with Parcelly to provide an introductory discount code (CLEANAIR) to encourage use of Parcelly’s premium Click & Collect option. CRP’s collaboration with Parcelly provided positive results including use of the ‘CLEANAIR’ promo code 3,466 times since the launch of Click. Collect. Clean Air.  Of the Click & Collect deliveries made by those using the code, 90% are now being delivered outside London zones 1 & 2 where air pollution is the worst.

Parcelly also donate 5% per transaction to reduce the environmental impact of their service which has offset 800kg of CO2 (see This is in addition to emissions avoided due to the reduction in failed deliveries and fewer driver destinations resulting from Click & Collect deliveries. 

With Christmas shopping season, and January sales upon us, be sure to choose Click & Collect for delivery and collection of online shopping. Find a convenient collection point at It’s convenient, easy and affordable.

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About Cross River Partnership

Cross River Partnership is central London’s largest public-private partnership that has been delivering regeneration projects in the capital since 1994. Over the last 22 years CRP has worked to support sustainable growth across London, developing and delivering innovative pilot projects with, and for our partners, including 19 Business Improvement Districts, local authorities and public service providers such as TfL. 

CRP has four core delivery programmes covering the key issues that help the city thrive: creating sustainable employment opportunities, driving economic growth and prosperity, making places that work, and improving air quality and carbon reduction. 



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