Revive & Thrive BID Development Services

Revive & Thrive, through it’s partners and networks can offer the most comprehensive BID service for your centre.

Feasibility Analysis

In supporting you through your BID development, the starting point for Revive & Thrive will be to understand the feasibility work already carried out and ensure that it is both robust and complete to allow smooth development of the BID up to ballot.  Revive & Thrive offers a full BID feasibility service and where this work has been carried out by another party, we will always ensure that feasibility work already undertaken meets our expected standards.

The key elements are likely to be:[dropshadowbox align=”right” effect=”lifted-both” width=”200px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Take the Revive & Thrive BID Challenge[/dropshadowbox]

  • Finalising the BID Boundary
  • First draft database and associated BID modelling (including levy percentage and expected income levels)

Both of these activities will be on-going processes that will evolve, develop and be finalised prior to ballot.

Additionally, to ensure that Revive & Thrive is in a position to deliver a successful BID ballot, we will:

  • Gauge interest from businesses within the likely BID area via 1-2-1 consultations, attendance at business meetings and business planning workshops which will show interest in the project, begin to draw out what the priorities of a BID would be and help to develop the database.
  • Work with relevant officers within the local authority to establish what has been done to date, where the important points of contact will be and the level of support available from the council. Revive & Thrive will be in regular liaison with relevant council officers to ensure the project progresses smoothly, throughout its duration.
  • Further develop the high level viability assessment to assess potential BID boundaries, projected income levels, probable levy rates and exemptions and agree these with the business community/BID sub-group and other stakeholders at the appropriate times.
  • Undertake further surveys of businesses within the projected BID area which will establish priorities for the BID, areas of spend, expectations and what outcomes businesses would expect to see.
BID Planning and Development

Revive & Thrive fully understands that the key outcome for a successful ballot, is the ability to demonstrate that the BID has been effectively planned and properly developed.  In order to achieve this, Revive & Thrive will:

  • Work with you to establish a regular schedule for business meetings and attend them as appropriate.
  • Agree on attendance at further business meetings.[dropshadowbox align=”right” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Join Revive & Thrive[/dropshadowbox]
  • Work to a pre-established timeline for delivery of the BID.
  • Hep you to establish a vision, aims and objectives for the BID, possibly by running a workshop designed to identify what these will be and which will further begin to draw out areas for project and service delivery.
  • Identify the strategic opportunities for a BID in your area, in terms of drawing in additional investment, influencing council policy and negotiating the best deal for the local business community with the public sector.
  • Organise a calendar of further events to include meetings at various times of day, workshops and drop-in sessions, consultation events a launch event for the BID proposal and regular 1-2-1 meetings with individual businesses.
  • Ensure that all businesses are in a position to communicate with the BID development team by supporting and enhancing the BID’s online presence and establishing communication channels with BID Champions and the Revive & Thrive BID development team.
  • Identify a team of BID Champions and support them with the necessary tools to communicate positive BID messages and garner “Yes” votes at the appropriate time. This will include an FAQ sheet, a PowerPoint presentation on the BID and on-going social media support.
  • Carry out extensive consultations with businesses to ensure BID priorities are drawn up with the backing of the local business community.
  • Consult with the police, town, district and/or county councillors, council officers and other key stakeholders as identified to ensure that BID priorities are in line with public sector needs and priorities.
  • Create and manage a business database to ensure effective communications with businesses throughout the BID development phase and beyond and to ensure essential BID communications are being reached by the correct people.
  • Set out clearly return on investment and benefits of the BID for all business sizes and sectors across the BID area.
  • Write and support the production of the BID proposal document.
Working with the Local Authority

Revive and Thrive has extensive experience of working alongside local authorities to ensure successful BID ballots.  This key developmental aspect of the BID will be achieved by:

  • Arranging regular meetings with nominated council officers to ensure smooth communications throughout the BID Development process.
  • Ensuring that local authority stages of the BID process are met in a timely manner – specifically any council approvals that may be required and legal notifications.
  • Attending council committee meetings where appropriate to keep local councillors appraised of BID development.
  • Ensuring that baseline services with the local authorities, the Police and other appropriate stakeholders are agreed and in place prior to the BID proposal being published.
  • Working with billing authority’s Revenues Department to ensure the database is as accurate and up to date as possible prior to the BID ballot, including any council-owned properties that fall within the BID area.
  • Establishing a timetable for the BID ballot and ensure that the necessary balloting arrangements are in place.
  • Working with the billing authority to ensure that necessary billing arrangements are in place subsequent to a successful ballot. 
BID ballot campaign

Revive & Thrive is fully aware that the fundamental aspect of any BID development project is to ensure that the BID proposals are successful at ballot, in terms of securing a dual-key “Yes” vote but also in terms of securing a turnout in the vote that gives the BID legitimacy as it begins.  This stage of the process includes:

  • Drawing up a BID development timeline covering legal, marketing, consultative and organisational aspects of BID ballot delivery.
  • Designing a brand and associated imagery for the BID.
  • Liaising with the ballot holder to ensure communications are timely, relevant and complete.
  • Holding a number of events across the BID area in the run up to the BID ballot promoting the BID, building on Revive & Thrive’s established track record in event management across the country.
  • Establishing a contact database for all businesses and voters to enable smooth communications with the business community during this vital period.
  • Working with the local business community to consider the best methods for achieving this –likely to be a mixture of Revive & Thrive communications channels, local volunteering opportunities and paid work for local champions.
  • Ensuring regular, positive media releases are written in the run up to and during the ballot period.
  • Resourcing on the ground consultations with businesses across the BID area for the duration of the BID ballot and taking a strategic approach to managing the ballot including an action plan for canvassing of businesses, daily task lists for BID Champions and other supporters and a weekly progress review.
  • Ensuring documentation is delivered on time (notice of ballot, informing DCLG, ballot arrangements, and so on).
  • Maintaining regular communications with voting businesses for the duration of the ballot. This will likely include: a launch event, a series of roadshows and drop-in sessions, further written communications and of course daily, on the ground 1-2-1 communications with voting businesses.
  • Contingency planning in the unlikely event of a “No” vote”.
  • Ensuring negativity is proactively addressed, concerns are dealt with empathetically and that the right messages are communicated to all businesses.
  • Developing a programme of scheduled media releases and support (and managing, where appropriate) social media channels used by the business community.
BID set-up

Subsequent to a successful BID ballot, Revive & Thrive will:

  • Communicate the outcome of the BID ballot to all interested parties.
  • Agree a start date for the BID.
  • Advise on various company structures.
  • Draft legal documents for the set-up of the new BID Company.
  • Support the establishment of the BID board.
  • Arrange and agree other necessary start-up objectives, for example business premises, insurance, etc.
  • Facilitate early BID Board meetings.
  • Work with the billing authority to ensure that billing arrangements are in place.
  • Help the BID Company with recruitment of a BID Manager. This will include job descriptions, advertising the position, identifying a recruitment panel and supporting them with shortlisting, interviewing, offering the job and HR issues.
  • Ensure operating and partnership agreements with the local authority and other partners are in place.
  • Provide a first year action plan for the BID board to give it clarity as it begins operating.
  • Act as a support mechanism to the new BID while it finds its feet.

To find out more about Revive & Thrive BID Services please email or call 03330 124285