Revive & Thrive Testimonials

“This [Revive & Thrive regional event] was an excellent event offering placemakers the opportunity to hear from professionals on the research and data that shapes our retail centres. Thank you to all the speakers for making it very interesting listening.”  Wendy Benson, Town and Retail Development and Growth, Durham County Council

“The Revive & Thrive event was very informative for us looking into the future for our business, it’s encouraging to know that we can move forward together to improve our local communities and our high streets” Keith O’Brien, Director of Cestrian Estates Limited, a commercial property management company based in County Durham

“I want to ensure that Durham is seen as a place where academics are welcome to come and investigate the changing face of the consumer and retail markets. The [Revive & Thrive] conference was the best and most informative I have attended in my time as BID manager.”  Adam Deathe, the business engagement manager for Durham BID

Since joining Revive & Thrive and attending our first event back in February 2016 in Frodsham, the value and support that the Northwich BID has received and the partnerships we have developed has been tremendous.  Since the event we have worked with a number of Revive and Thrive advocates, these include Made You Look who  have delivered a number of Visual Merchandising training opportunities to Northwich traders, PFM Footfall Intelligence installed footfall cameras into the Town Centre in September and City Dressing have recently installed a “walled garden” design feature to improve a grot spot area within the town centre.  In addition, the value we have received by placing a number of news stories in the monthly Place Magazine has raised the profile of Northwich both locally and nationally – Thank you Revive and Thrive”  Jane Hough, Northwich Business Improvement District Manager  

“I joined…” other similar membership organisations “…to try to get some interest and awareness of the business. That has been an expensive and largely unsuccessful venture.  R&T interests me because I believe the scale, fit and approach is right. I want to be able to build business by contributing to the community I operate in, not just simply by paying my way in. The Talking Towns Events in particular were great opportunities to speak, give thoughts and hopefully help the delegates understand data a little better. Finally, the people I see attending R&T events are those who are pushing the boundaries; forward-thinkers and experimentalists. I think we need that in this sector, for so many reasons, and I am proud and privileged to be a part of the group.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Sven Latham, MD, Noggin

On the legacy from 2014 £191,000 Revive & Thrive Challenge  “Just a quick email to let you know we (as in Fleetwood) are bidding to become one of the Government’s 110 teams……Fleetwood is also entering the Christmas Lights Blachere competition I believe and this will be truly complementary……Our renewed focus on town centres means I am able to resource our efforts more than ever and I just wanted to let you know you triggered all this off.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Karen Stringer,  Senior Economic Development Officer, Wyre Council

“Revive and Thrive is the conduit to Town and BID Managers across the country who need our products and services. It’s difficult to get an audience with them, and I feel R&T will help me help them make changes that will add value to their towns.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Sailesh Chauhan, MD, StreetCloud

“Mark Barnes has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to High Street loyalty schemes of all incarnations. This knowledge coupled with a strong understanding of emerging technologies is making a positive impact on helping InStreatham to achieve our aims to boost footfall in Streatham Town centre. Through Revive & Thrive’s relationship with miconex we now have an app that allows our local businesses to talk directly to their customers – helping to drive feet onto the street.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Louise Abbotts, BID Manager, inStreatham Business Improvement District

“We are very happy  with the first few weeks of being a Revive & Thrive Corporate Advocate.  It’s been a great start, in fact the best start that we have had when working with an organisation of this type.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Ronnie Brown, MD of Blachere Illumination

“It was a fabulous event, I wish I could have met everyone. The event was informative and eye opening. I am always looking to connect and share and I have now completed the online sign up form for Revive and Thrive.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Stacy Birt, Tourism and Town Centre Development Officer, Tamworth Borough Council on the 2014 End of Year Event.

“The whole day was extremely informative and I was pleased to see great debates and wonderful guest speakers which included the Shadow Minister for Small Business presenting to the knowledgeable audience about the challenges facing small businesses and the important role that they contribute towards the UK economy.  Overall I came away from day inspired and very positive and look forward to more similar events in the months and years ahead.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Steve Melanophy BITC on the 2014 Revive & Thrive Bristol event 

“The Revive & Thrive Towns Event in Pontypridd offered a new and refreshing format for considering town centre issues. Whilst acknowledging and discussing the difficulties that towns face, the exchange of best practice and presentations on the day offered some very valid solutions.  In addition to learning new ideas one cannot ignore the value that came from the networking opportunities”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Rhiannon Kingsley, Bridgend Town Centre Manager

“I have been working with Mark as we are both passionate about helping to regenerate the High Street, Mark has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Town Teams and the various processes involved within them. If there’s anything I need to know he is sure to have the answer…or know someone else who can help.  Mark is very modest and courteous in his approach which is very refreshing, especially as he is so focused on his work. Overall, a great guy!”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Helen Goodwin, Director, Made You Look

“I was very impressed with the speed in which Mark responded to my enquiry . Within four hours he was able to sign post a way forward for my ideas that I could not have envisaged or achieved on my own. He understood what I needed in an instant, as well as the concept and was able to convey my ideas to others after only the briefest of discussions. He has opened a potential door for me that may lead to additional business positioning in the high street. Very impressed with the potential opportunities that may ensue and Mark’s responsiveness, along with his dynamic and pro active approach” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Louise Barlow, Managing Director, Make The Most Of

“Within a month of joining Revive and Thrive, Mark introduced me to an opportunity that has led to a brand new exciting role in town centres.  Being a part of the partnership you have fingertip access to great information, advice and opportunities I would recommend it to any business considering becoming a member of Revive and Thrive”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Deborah Millington, Director, Red Border Ltd

“Mark has opened my eyes to the potential of Twitter and helped re launch our online marketing. Through his work at Revive and Thrive he has also launched an important collaborative platform from which the business can network, meet new clients and explore new ideas, in essence grow.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Jeremy Rucker, Founding Director, City Dressing

“Mark has a wealth of knowledge of all things relating to loyalty and incentivisation schemes and if he doesn’t know the answer, he’s bound to know someone who does!” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from John Fleet, Town Centres Manager, North Tyneside Council

“What Mark doesn’t know about customer loyalty isn’t worth knowing! An absolute pleasure to work with, having high integrity and a creative yet practical approach to delivering first class results, time after time.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Rosemary Sidaway Director Redditch Town Centre Partnership

“Mark is a great guy to work with. He is very well connected, so if there’s someone out there that will fit with what you’re doing, he will very likely know and will put you in touch with them. He always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done properly and is friendly and approachable.  LeedsNet recommends Mark Barnes & Revive and Thrive unreservedly!” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Tony Crooks, Owner, LeedsNet

“In the space of less than a week, Mark created, developed and delivered a fantastic day of networking opportunities via Twitter that, from a personal point of view resulted in new connections on LinkedIn, a hatful of new followers on Twitter and has, I’m sure, opened the door to business and further networking opportunities that are yet to be taken advantage of. This interesting, unique and innovative way of working has a great deal of potential and I am happy to have been able to get involved from the start. Once again, Mark has come up with and delivered a different way of doing things that really do make him stand out from the crowd.” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Matt Powell, Town Centre Manager, Birmingham City Council

“Mark is an energetic man of action who deserves to do well. Not one to sit on his hands (or laurels), Mark thinks creatively and has the drive to turn ideas into action. He is a people person with excellent social networking skills and good instincts for collaborative working. If you have something that needs done quickly and thoroughly, Mark is your man.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Jean Ball, Place, Destination, Marketing and Event Manager, Your place or brand?

“We met Mark at the very start of our Portas Pilot journey and his experience of town centre management and loyalty was invaluable. It was Mark who advised us just to crack on and make things happen rather than working to long lead times. He was a frequent visitor here providing hands on support to our businesses and was generous with his time and expertise. Far more than simply introducing us to Tik Tap, he was a champion and supporter of Market Rasen businesses. We will definitely keep in touch as Mark has a huge amount to offer anyone involved with the revitalisation of the high street.”   A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Sarah Lamballe, Director of Community, Arts & Culture – Voluntary Post, Market Rasen Business Improvement Group

“Mark has the skill, experience and tenacity to identify opportunities, craft solutions from the best available resources and pursue them to the point of successful closure. His approach is inclusive and he has the ability to recognise and bring together complimentary partnerships to the mutual benefit of all. He is also a great guy to work with.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Harvey Jones , Consultant, Reward Your World

“Mark worked on our market research and pre -sales loyalty / rebate card programme. He brought a wealth of experience to this from his work originating and developing the Pool Card. He quickly demonstrated his creative energies and uncovered an untapped market for such cards travelling extensively around England and Wales meeting decision makers, reporting and collating results. His marketing and sales skills are evident from these results. I very much recommend his work and enjoyed working with him as a colleague. He was a supportive member of his team who cross trained to market successfully another programme to largely the same audience whom he faced with the card programme.”   A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Peter Bembridge, Managing Director, The Civic Trust

“Very impressive work to package a new social networking idea, launch and then run with the new creation: and all in the space of 10 days or so. Mark quickly brought our business on board and worked effectively with the new partners he brought in to his project. For sheer energy and commitment to creating and launching a successful new marketing idea within social networking Mark deserves huge credit and I wish him every success.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Mike Slater, Business Owner, 

“I worked with Mark when I was Chair of Louth Town Partnership and he was the first Town Manager. He is enthusiastic, honest and hard working. He has the ability to build relationships across the whole spectrum of business and community. He left a strong platform for his successor to build on.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Stephen Holdaway Team Rector and Chair of Louth Town Partnership, Team Parish of Louth

“Mark organised many great events for the benefit of local businesses whilst in Louth and worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the small business were not over looked. He was committed to ensuring that Louth was put firmly on the map!”   A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Taryn Lee Johnston, owner / Designer, Seagull Designs

“I worked closely with Mark on a number of projects during his time as Louth Town Manager. His drive and enthusiasm enabled were prominent in establishing a role that had not previously existed into one that was central to the economic and wider development of the town.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Alan Nesbitt Owner, Forrester Boyd

“Mark was very supportive when I started up my business last year by introducing me and sign posting me in the right direction. Mark brought the whole business community together and was a valuable asset to Louth Town. I would recommend strongly, to any future employer that Mark has great leadership skills and always gives more than 100%” A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Andy Nisbet, Self Employed Musical Instrument Retailer, Mostly Music

“Mark is an energetic and personal character with a strong work ethic, an ability to inspire and communicate with his colleagues and an entrepreneurial flair. He enjoys challenges, grasps issues readily and is well-versed in latest communication techniques. He shows enthusiasm in everything he takes on and this rubs off on others.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Patrick Neville, Vice-Chairman, Louth Town Partnership

“Mark is a very productive and results driven man. His passion and skills are second to none. Working with him to help give the town a platform to showcase what they could offer was a very rewarding experience. The events he organised not only provided opportunities for the local business to communicate but also opened a lot of doors for myself. He has the ability to communicate at all levels. I would look forward to working with him again in the future.”  A Revive & Thrive Testimonial from Ben Wright, Media Sales Advisor, Northcliffe Media

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