The marriage of events, brands and places


91% of consumers have more positive feelings about brands after attending events or experiences, according to recent research from the Event Marketing Institute.

While a powerful statistic, getting to the stage where such positive feelings are evoked from your event is where the challenge lies.

Sparking that connection is grounded in the pre-event research. You need to know who the customers are within your place, to bring them branded events that are relevant to their lifestyle or aspirations.

This is where events, brands and places can begin to forge long term partnerships that stimulate growth.

Brands and places

Let’s take the example of the most improved UK city last year, Birmingham, according to PWC’s 2017 ‘Good Growth for Cities’ report – which considers factors such as health, housing affordability, jobs, skills and income.

Birmingham has a total shopping population of over 692,000 customers, just under a fifth of these shoppers are classed as modest means according to 2018 PinPointer CACI data.

Modest means consumers tend to be younger families in mortgaged homes who are moderately active on social media, but are also busy with an average of three children to look after and are cost savvy to stretch their income. They prefer value retail brands and are fashion conscious.

Brand events within this city, and any place, need to consider if their offering is in line with the local consumer’s interest. Establishing this link allows brands to assist in building place, as they’re in tune with how their brand and event content can enhance local lives.

Can brand events build places?

95% of marketing professionals agree that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world notes event technology firm, Bizzabo.

The study found that within overperforming businesses, 87% of event marketers said their leadership team supported a live events strategy. Compared to just 54% within underperforming businesses, suggesting the impact live events may now be having on performance.

It’s this face to face connection which is essential in maintaining the value of our places as platforms to interact with our neighbours, while building businesses and wider communities.

A well-planned brand event provides a catalyst for this interaction as it’s out of the norm. It provides that golden in-the-moment connection where eyes divert from phones and ignites conversation. Sensory touch points and an event narrative can be powerful in creating moments communities want to share. Whether its engaging with face detectors, live performers or even sampling food.

Consider a range of brands too, attracting larger brands to your space can bring significant budgets – facilitating space transformations which leave a legacy. These brands often have interest in central promotional spaces, which when commercialised, provide a new revenue stream to be invested into our places.

Likewise, joining the forces of smaller local brands such as food and drink retailers in food festival events provides a platform for destination footfall and an opportunity to build loyalty amongst customers.

Evaluate to identify success

Footfall figures, social media interactions, sign ups and sales are key sources to track if the event delivered on the investment. Although perhaps one of the best tools remains simply having a conversation with attendees to identify how the branded event made them feel and think.

This feedback is core in understanding the relationship between people and place, so that we can continue to move forward in reimagining places as public realms serving all stakeholders within our communities. Cheap Sildenafil (generic Viagra) is available on this site which can be delivered to any US state.

For more detail on commercialising your space and events, please get in touch.

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