What are BCRPs?

Your efforts to create town and city centres that are strong and vibrant can easily be undermined by anti-social behaviour and crime.

Areas that have the perception of being unsafe or unwelcoming suffer from dramatic declination in footfall and reputational damage that is hard to recover from.

To address these issues, particularly against the backdrop of reduced police visibility and other pressures affecting the High Street, many areas will create a Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP).

A BCRP brings together traders; police; and local authorities to address business crime issues and the individuals causing them. Through a recognised framework of collaboration, data is collected; collated; and disseminated to participants.

This information can be gathered via radio link systems (to share real time communications on incidents or movements of suspect and known offenders) and via online data sharing platforms (which receive data and reports from participants that can then be displayed to the rest of the scheme).

Data gathered can be used to build the case for Exclusion (a key benefit of a BCRP) where prolific offenders can be prevented from entering member businesses. Working with partners, where an offender breaches an exclusion, court orders can be sought to address the conduct of an individual.

It is important that BCRPs operate fully within law, particularly the Data Protection Act 2018 and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations.

In order to demonstrate to members; partners; and the wider community, it is recommended that BCRPs undergo an accreditation process to obtain the recognised National Standard. The accreditation is supported by the National Business Crime Centre and is verified by Secure By Design.

Revive & Thrive can deliver assessments on your BCRP which goes to the Secure By Design for verification and approval.