Revive & Thrive – offering Business Improvement Districts in UK and other Towns, Cities, Places & Communities one voice nationally. 

Your place to share, learn and best practice and make your views heard at the highest level.

Revive & Thrive MembershipJoin today Revive & Thrive if you want to see places uniting to support place management and place management practitioners in their quest to make UK places better.  

Revive & Thrive represents places irrespective of their management structure be they Business Improvement Districts in UK or Council or Town Centre Management led.  

To ensure that Revive & Thrive remains truly representative, from January 2017 was led by Business Improvement District Managers and Directors along with respected Town Centre Managers, Council Regeneration Officers and other place management and BID luminaries. 

Take out Revive & Thrive Membership if you –

  • Work in place management
  • Work for or run a Business Improvement District (BID)
  • Provide services to BIDs, Councils, Town Partnerships etc  
  • Sit on the Board of a BID or Town or City Partnership  
  • Want to preserve or bring positive change to your high street  
  • Are interested or work in economic development or place regeneration
  • Are a resident or business that cares about your place.

Revive & Thrive is for all people passionate about place looking for –

  • The ability to speak as one voice to influence change and policy in UK places and Business Improvement Districts  
  • The opportunity to network with professionals working in place across the UK  
  • A representative membership organisation that includes entry to conference and regional networking events within one low cost annual membership  
  • Access to Place Magazine to inspire and be inspired by stories from places around the UK  
  • A complete support network for your place and Business Improvement District all in one place!
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