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Mark Barnes, Managing Director and Founder

Mark is recognised and respected across the UK for the development of successful communities, high street loyalty schemes and promoting local businesses. Having spent many years delivering and researching high street loyalty solutions from lo-tech to hi-tech including mobile mark barnes reducedloyalty solutions and contactless technology, he is a well known pioneer of new and effective technology based solutions aimed at delivering real results for businesses and high streets.

Previously a Town Centre Manager, Mark has achieved excellent results for town centres though engaging with residents and retailers.  Mark’s  specialism of area based loyalty solutions, combined with his knowledge of high streets all around the UK was the catalyst for Revive & Thrive Ltd.  Out of this grew the Business Group and Partnership with the success of events like the £191,000 Revive & Thrive Challenge laying the foundations for the rapid growth of Revive & Thrive.

Mark has great ambitions for Revive & Thrive and believes that it offers an alternative model for supporting town and city centres and community regeneration as a whole.  With rapid growth in mind, Mark reorganised the management structure of the company late 2014 to accommodate the opportunities lined up for 2015 and the future.

Revive & Thrive will always stay true to Mark’s vision of offering real, honest, impartial and tangible solutions for towns and communities that can create genuine solutions to address local issues.  Additionally, Mark plans for Revive & Thrive to grow into a real community where people across the UK can share projects and best practice and where possible without budget being a barrier to success.

Mark can be reached on and by phone on 0333 012 4285.  Please, also follow him on  Twitter  and LinkedIn

Matthew Powell, Chief Operating Officer

Matt is an experienced practitioner in the field of Town Centre Management with over ten years’ experience across a variety of towns and high streets in Bristol, Cornwall and Birmingham all of which he brings to his role as Chief Operating Officer for Revive & Thrive. Matt Powell

Leaving a successful career in retail in 2004, Matt trained as a Business Advisor working with pre-start and existing businesses across several inner-city locations in Bristol where he went on to manage a team of high street managers.  A subsequent move to two towns in the Cornish Heartlands saw Matt ensure that his towns were the only two in Cornwall to show year-on-year footfall increases at a time when Woolworths was going bankrupt and the RDAs were being wound up.

In his time in Cornwall, Matt launched and ran a unique and innovative Loyalty Card scheme and project managed other initiatives such as a Mystery Shopper Campaign for independent businesses. He also brought back regular markets to these historic market towns, became the inspiration for a regional shop local campaign and managed a major marquee at the Royal Cornwall Show.

Matt moved on to Birmingham in 2009 and spent nearly five years working in a number of town centres in the city.  He established a successful partnership across two centres which are now working with Revive & Thrive to develop a BID and set up BID Companies following successful BID ballots in other parts of the city.

He chaired a citywide TCM network and came up with the idea for a BIDs Academy for the city which has directly led to 5 new BIDs in Birmingham.

Matt is a champion for town centres and the High Street and is committed to helping traders, BIDs, local authorities and other interested parties make their areas better for residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Matt can be reached on and by phone on 0333 012 4285.  Please, also follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn


Martin Blackwell,  Policy Advisor and Columnist

Having experienced commercial life in several towns as a general manager with retailer W.H.Smith, Martin moved onto a new challenge as Town Centre Manager for Great Yarmouth. During his time there, he built one of the strongest early town centre partnerships in the country with over 150 paying members – a forerunner to BIDs.Martin Blackwell small file

From 2002 – 04 he was Chief Executive of Action for Market Towns Action, a “Mainstreet” national network and membership organisation dedicated to promoting the vitality and viability of small towns.

Martin was appointed to the newly created role of Membership Development Director at the ATCM in April 2004 to work across the UK, providing a national focus for action on issues affecting town centres. He was Chief Executive from 2010 -2014 and oversaw the development of ATCM as a not-for profit, mutual organisation that is owned by its members, into a unique organisation with a membership that spans the private, public and third sectors. As the largest organisation of its kind, ATCM has became an influential voice for the town and city management community, and as a widely respected authority on policy, innovator of research, and best practice example of partnership working and cross sector engagement.

He has also been CEO of the Charity Retail Association. With sales of £2bn and generating almost £300m per year in profit, as well as harnessing the skills of more than 200,000 volunteers nationwide, charity retail promotes charitable causes and an environmentally sustainable retail experience. The Charity Retail Association is the only body in the UK that represents the interests of charity retailers.

Martin has provided consultancy to such diverse places as Adelaide and Lincoln, Liverpool to Sligo and Singapore. He has spoken at major conferences as well as the parliaments in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.
He has been a Director of the International Downtown Association in Washington and on the Board of Best Bar None in the UK, the National Skills Academy for Retail Advisory Board and the Government’s Future High Street Forum.

Martin also has his own website which details much more about the skills and experience that he will be offering Revive & Thrive and what he can offer your town or city centre.

Imogen McIntosh, Director of Commercial and Membership Services

Imogen joins us to look after all elements of clients satisfaction as well as continuing to grow our partnerships with complementary organisations.  Imogen will ensure that we are offering an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction to all our clients and members.

More detailed biography to follow but Imogen is very well known and respected for her successes in engaging with retailers especially smaller retail.  She is very well connected and excels in her skills to identify opportunities not only for Revive & Thrive but also its fast growing membership.

Her passion for retail and results is contagious.  Combining this with her drive and enthusiasm we are confident that all our clients and members old and new will benefit much from working with Imogen.

Imogen can be reached on and by phone on 0333 012 4285.  Please, also follow her on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn


Nicole Powell, Social Media Manager

It may not seem an obvious leap from biochemistry to social media manager, but the jump is not, in fact, that great.

Trained as a biomedical scientist and with several years experience working for the National Blood Service, Nicole brings a keen eye for detail Nicole Powell and process management approach to Revive & Thrive’s social media, coupled with a growing creative flair and ability to deliver a sentence in 140 characters or less!

Nicole also varies from many lab techs in that she has great people skills and loves nothing more than interacting with other people, whether it be via social media, at the school gates, or over a coffee (or cold cider!).

Nicole is the wife of Revive and Thrive’s COO, Matt Powell, and given that they met while working in a high street shop, it is no surprise that she shares his passion for place and commitment to supporting independent retail and local high streets.  It also means that she brings a wealth of experience to the organisation have been around place professionals for nearly two decades.

Nicole is currently managing 3 Twitter accounts for Revive & Thrive, along with a Facebook page and Linkedin profile and also manages Twitter feeds on behalf of a number of our Business Group members.  Get in touch with her to discuss your own social media needs and how we might be able to bring your company’s profile to a wider audience via our widespread and penetrative social media activity.  See more about how we can help your social media by having a read of our own in-house Twitter Service.

Nicole can be reached on and by phone on 0333 012 4285.  


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