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The £191,000 Revive & Thrive Challenge is over for 2014 with the worthy winners being Wyre Borough Council; see the press release here

We have left the documents availableWINNERS!!!  Karen Stringer of Wyre Borough Council and colleagues with  Michael Weedon of BIRA and R&T's Mark Barnes on the 2014 Revive & Thrive Challenge live on the website in anticipation of further Challenges and to provide new visitors to our site further background on this highly successful event.


Revive & Thrive is available for your high street and community right now.  Take a look at the Revive & Thrive Partnership, as well as Who’s Who, the Revive & Thrive Business Group and how to join the Business Group.  Also see our testimonials and our free ‘Ask the Partnership’ service


Want to get the best from social media for your community, town or city?  See the results that we achieved on Retweet For Towns Day and how the Revive & Thrive Twitter Service could deliver these outcomes to you today


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