Time 4 Towns – Is the time right in your town centre?

How can your town or city centre compete if it’s not seamlessly interacting with residents and visitors?  It should because the competition can!!

At what point on the clock below is your town able to engage with residents?

Residents, visitors and consumers face choices when shopping or planning a day out or other experience.  There are large corporates who can help make decisions simpler by providing ways to interact with their customers even when they are at home relaxing in their armchair.  And so can you.

But is your town ready for this leap?  There is little point using the latest technology to connect with a resident or visitor if the experience when they arrive in the town centre is disappointing.

Time 4 Towns presents with a full journey from the armchair to the town centre and back again.  Where the resident will make a decision based on their most recent visit as to whether they want to take that journey again.

NB – works best at full screen

As a town or city centre you can join this journey at any point but if you can’t match customer experience to the technology there is a risk that this is a journey never to be repeated.

The Revive & Thrive Partnership and Business Group can offer you this full experience as a complete package or in bite sized pieces and, please, don’t make the assumption that this journey is too big or expensive for your town.

Dates for a webinar to tell this full story are to follow but if in the meantime you would like a remote presentation please get in touch We would also like to hear from you if your business can improve this journey for a resident or visitor and also Council, Town Team or Business Improvement District

Revive & Thrive is available for your high street and community right now.  Take a look at the Revive & Thrive Partnership, as well as Who’s Who, the Revive & Thrive Business Group and how to join the Business Group.  Also see our testimonials and our free Ask the Partnership service.

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