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Revive & Thrive can create an exciting Twitter campaign for your high street, town, city and/or community. Or 

Revive & Thrive Targeted Twitter campaigns aim to

  • Rapidly grow your followers with relevant connections
  • Create discussion and engage with your followers to deliver an interactive Twitter stream & increase your profile
  • Provide relevant topics for discussion
  • Compose imaginative Tweets based on your requirements or activities
  • Send the correct quantity of tweets at the right time for your followers
  • Offer a seven day per week service so that you grow followers all week round and keep your followers up to date with the latest news

A growing number of organisations and businesses are already using the new Revive & Thrive Twitter service and achieving excellent results.

To find out more please contact us for an informal discussions about your needs.  Please follow us on Twitter via @revive_thrive and @revive_thriveBG


Is an example of how a targeted twitter campaign can achieve these aims 

On March 21st 2013 Revive & Thrive ran a Retweet For Towns Day. Supported by Association of Town Centre Management and joined by Reward Your World, #rt4towns was a co-ordinated campaign of mass tweeting about town centres. Over a 24 hour period and across the country people of all ages and from all walks of life tweeted and retweeted about what is important to them about their Town. Retweet For Towns Day sees the UK come together for a day of collaboration to openly discuss what was once and still can be the heart of our communities.

The results

  • 4596 tweets containing #rt4towns 
  • 1,916,970 accounts that received #rt4towns tweets
  • 5,865,552 tweets about #rt4towns was delivered to Twitter streams
  • 900 approximate contributors
  • 157 Town/cities/villages/Counties mentioned/took part 

We looked for

  • Discussion and debate around issues and solutions
  • A display of pride from many who are emotionally attached to their town
  • Strong views about where town centres are failing
  • Demonstrations from towns about how projects are working in their centres
  • Sharing of ideas about what is next for town centres
  • Feedback from businesses on the high street
  • Views on how businesses and landlords can help in the high street
  • Ideas on how to make the town centre an enjoyable experience
  • Promotion of resident led activity
  • Sharing of best practice
  • Networking between professionals and residents who have a passion for where they work and live
  • A day of activity that displays that whatever role people have in their community, millions of us, all across the country care deeply about our town centres


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