TV Weathergirl Sian Lloyd supports the Revive & Thrive Challenge
TV Weathergirl Sian Lloyd

 Our terrific supporters


ITV’s Sian Lloyd is a keen supported of local community and high street projects.

Sian said “As a TV presenter, I travel around the country and have seen many towns that have been really hurt by the economic downturn! I know that initiatives like the Revive & Thrive Challenge are needed to help improve our communities”  






The Historic Towns Forum recognises the value this could have for our communities – successful retail and a revived high street is of particular interest to them.

Noel James, HTF Director, said “HTF looks forward to the Revive & Thrive Challenge and believe that there is benefit in connected and engaged towns across the UK. Residents know their areas best.”




RBTE Partnership

Essential Retail  in association with RBTE – Europe’s leading retail event was among the first to recognise the value of the Revive & Thrive Challenge for our town and city centres

“We’re really happy to be partnering with the Revive & Thrive  Challenge.  Innovation is a key driver for the survival of the high street, and both RBTE & Essential Retail provide the ideal platform for the most innovative solution providers and retailers to work together.”



BIRABira (The British Independent Retailers Association) is the voice of independent retailers. They are the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK.

Alan Hawkins CEO of Bira said  Towns succeed because of their entrepreneurs. Success is not provided by councils. The Revive & Thrive Challenge rewards private enterprise with prizes from private enterprise. Time to thrive.’



Along with many other respected professionals in the field, The Association of Town and City Centre Management are sitting as part of the judging panel

Guy Douglas, Programme Manager – Digital High Street said “There has never been a more important time for all sizes of towns and city districts, and their independent businesses, to reach out and use the variety of digital tools now on offer. Revive & Thrive have assembled an impressive “town centric services” toolbox. By offering this as a prize, R&T have galvanised many towns into showing what they currently are proud of and what they might achieve with a little extra help. I look forward to being inspired in my role as part of the judging panel.”  


Corin Birchall

Corin Birchall, Managing Director – Kerching Retail helping towns to flourish.  Read Corin’s wider views on the Challenge here

Corin said “Its really exciting to think that through the Revive & Thrive Challenge we may unearth some solutions every town in the country may ago on to adopt, that have not yet seen the light of day.” adding “The challenge is about helping towns make their vision happen; magic happens when people ‘do’ things, not talk about it.”  Read more

Dudley logo

Michelle Clare, Regeneration Project Manager at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has found even applying for the Revive & Thrive Challenge pre-application process extremely valuable

Michelle said “The research I have carried out to be able to consider the Revive and Thrive Challenge has been really exciting and rewarding.  As a local authority in a development role you tend to come up with ideas but wonder if they are worth taking forward; the challenge however, has enabled me to pound  the high street to meet the bread and butter earners of the town, our high street traders and see what they thought of the challenge.  It was really rewarding to realise the amount of support for us with this bid and how they would like to form a task and finish group, supporting each other and in the long run supporting our Town Team, getting the engagement and connectivity for the town, it gave me the positive regard to move forward.  Thank you for the opportunity to take the challenge”

Can you offer support to The Revive & Thrive Challenge?  Here are a few ways for you to get involved

Revive & Thrive is available for your high street and community right now.  Take a look at the Revive & Thrive Partnership, as well as Who’s Who, the Revive & Thrive Business Group and how to join the Business Group.  Also see our testimonials and our free ‘Ask the Partnership’ service

Want to get the best from social media for your community, town or city?  See the results that we achieved on Retweet For Towns Day and how the Revive & Thrive Twitter Service could deliver these outcomes to you today

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