Revive & Thrive Challenge

The £191,000 Revive & Thrive Challenge is over for 2014 with the worthy winners being Wyre Borough Council; see the press release here and successful progress report here.

We have left the content on the 2014 Revive & Thrive Challenge live on the website in anticipation of further Challenges and to provide new visitors to our site further background on this highly successful event.

WINNERS!!!  Karen Stringer of Wyre Borough Council and colleagues with  Michael Weedon of BIRA and R&T's Mark Barnes
WINNERS!!! Karen Stringer of Wyre Borough Council and Paul McGrath and Emma Bailie being congratulated by Chair of Judging Panel Michael Weedon of BIRA and R&T’s Mark Barnes

“There has never been a more important time for all sizes of towns and city districts, and their independent businesses, to reach out and use the variety of digital tools now on offer. Revive & Thrive have assembled an impressive “town centric services” toolbox. By offering this as a prize, R&T have galvanised many towns into showing what they currently are proud of and what they might achieve with a little extra help. I look forward to being inspired in my role as part of the judging panel.”   Guy Douglas, ATCM Programme Manager – Digital High Street


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Today’s total prize value for the winning town or city is:-


Designed to complement and not compete, the Revive & Thrive Challenge offers a process as inclusive and worthy as the towns and cities that we all want to live in

The Revive & Thrive Challenge recognises that there are lot of people working hard for our communities both locally and nationally.  To bring added benefit, the Challenge offers a straight forward demonstration on how together as a Country we can create engaged and connected towns and cities.  What’s more it offers a sustainable way of funding this activity and seeks to provide tools and training that will leave a lasting legacy.  Check out the current prize package  , take the first step towards winning this for your town by downloading all the launch documents here and see other ways in which you can be involved

As an exercise in openness and transparency, the Revive & Thrive Challenge is being developed under full glare of social media and inviting input and interest from all around the UK.   The aim is to define a challenge for town, cities & communities that will be a worthwhile exercise even for those who are not short-listed.

The Historic Towns Forum recognises the value this could have for our communities with successful retail and a revived high street being of particular interest to them at this time.  See Supporters page for more information

With the high street and retail at the core of our final prize, the winning town or city will receive an exciting array of training, expertise and necessary tools as well as relevant goods and services to create a connected and engaged community. The winner will also be used as a template for using a commercial approach to supporting our town centres for others to follow and enjoy the increased national profile that this will deliver.

As part of this open and inclusive process we would like to invite you to work with us to develop the Revive & Thrive Challenge.  If interested please get in touch.

The Revive & Thrive Challenge is continuously evolving with new partners joining every day, please keep coming back for updated information and follow us on Twitter @Revive_Thrive and @Revive_ThriveBG  

This unique challenge is designed to demonstrate what business can do when they offer support to town/city centres.  The challenge was the idea of Mark Barnes Managing Director of Revive & Thrive, with delivery offered and driven by the Revive & Thrive Business Group and Revive & Thrive Partnership.  We are grateful for the support of other businesses, organisations and individuals who have agreed to work with us to ensure that the Revive & Thrive Challenge is a success in every way.

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Revive & Thrive is available for your high street and community right now.  Take a look at the Revive & Thrive Partnership, as well as Who’s Who, the Revive & Thrive Business Group and how to join the Business Group.  Also see our testimonials and our free ‘Ask the Partnership’ service

Want to get the best from social media for your community, town or city?  See the results that we achieved on Retweet For Towns Day and how the Revive & Thrive Twitter Service could deliver these outcomes to you today

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