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Our Place Solutions membership deliver some of the best town solutions available across the UK. Come along to our Revive & Thrive events to experience and hear more about what they have to offer your place


Blachere Illumination

One of Revive & Thrive’s highest valued Place Solutions Members, Blachère Illumination is the original and largest illumination provider in the world, with over 40 years experience and a global network of 19 subsidiaries.  Revive & Thrive Place Solutions

From the lighting of the Eiffel Tower in celebration of the new millennium in 2000 to the illumination of downtown Dubai for its first Festival of Light in 2014 or the new Champs-Élysées illumination project, Blachère’s expertise is valued throughout the world.

To find out more visit their website.


BIDBase from The Wisdom Factory

BIDBase is a web-based database tool design for BIDs.  It provides the functionality of a CRM system with the added dimension of hereditaments so it can be used for ballot forecasting, levy income analysis, influence analysis and lots more.  It provides BIDs with a method of evidencing their impact – levy-payer promotions, interactions with people and event BIDBase from Wisdom Factoryattendance.  The idea is that a BIDBase user need never be caught out by a levy-paying voter in their BID area saying: “so what has the BID ever done for us”?

We were mindful of the fact that some BIDs have levy income levels of £100K or less so BIDBase is offered on the freemium model.  The free version meets the basic needs for the day-to-day running of a BID, plus the basic voter report you need to submit prior to ballot.  The premium version has enhanced tools.  BIDBase has been designed by people who work in BIDs and is very powerful.  BIDBase introduces the concept of ‘BID Stranger Index’; those people who have never had an interaction with the BID team, never been to a BID event and whose employers have never been promoted by the BID.  That figure pops up on a dashboard whenever you log on, keeping the ‘mission-critical’ stuff right at the forefront of a BID manager’s mind.

BIDBase includes a list of national decision makers, those people who decide how their business votes in ballots across a region or even the whole country.  We are carefully growing and maintaining this list, to make it as up-to-date as possible and publishing it with the consent of the people on the list, to make sure you stay on the right side of the Data Protection Act.  

BIDBase was launched in January 2017 and has impressed everyone who’s seen it so far.  There’s a short video outlining the key features at (click ‘Features’).BIDBase from Wisdom Factory

To find out more visit their website.



Christmas Direct

Christmas Direct is one of the UK’s premier providers of festive lights and decorations. The company was established in 1998 by Charlie and Fiona Cameron who continue to drive the growth through high quality, individually designed festive lights, garlands, decorations and trees for businesses across the UK and Europe.

Whatever your space, budget or event, our friendly expert team can help you attract visitors by creating a festive display that delivers value and increased footfall for your town, city, high street or event.


City Dressing

City Dressing square logo1Award winning Place Solutions Member, City Dressing is about transforming public space. Whether it is a whole town, a street, an event or a shop we create strategies that engage that space with the public.

The company has developed a range of unique solutions for empty retail from the Pop up shop through to the virtual shop. Currently a new set of solutions called Smart Windows are being launched that will connect virtual shops with the internet and thereby open a new range of commercial and social uses for the properties.

As well as working on empty property the company also creates street installations using banners, bunting, flags and graphics that can transform a street for season or an event. They supplied over 20 kms of bunting of for various events around the country in 2012.

City Dressing will provide a fee audit of any town to list empty property and potential outdoor media sites as well as creating a City Dressing proposal with a range of ideas to transform place and raise additional revenue.

Find out more online: City Dressing, Virtual Shop Window, Pop-up Retail


Design JD

Design JD is an established design company, specialising in signage & wayfinding. Working with BIDs, Town Centres and other clients we develop solutions to help people find their way around the built environment and open spaces. As well as delivering shop front improvement Place solutions schemes to improve the public realm and promote retail & business.

Projects we work on include; town centres, retail centres, office parks, business improvement districts, industrial estates, healthcare centres, education sites, stadiums and parks. First we understand the challenges of the area, then evolve a strategy, fitting in with the purpose of; the users, the organisation, its buildings, the area and culture. This can encompass, new signage, landscaping, sculptures, and other navigational devices. This is with the purpose of:

  • Making it easier for destinations / locations to be found
  • Increase brand awareness and regional profile
  • Keep and attract more; footfall, tourism & business
  • Increase user engagement
  • Increase the use of sustainable transport and cutting emissions

Visit website to find out more


Elephant WiFi

ElephantWiFi are fast becoming the industry leader within the Digital High Street sector, delivering future proof Digital Solutions built on Wireless technologies that allow towns and cities to take control of their Digital Future.  Elephant wifi Revive & Thrive Place Solutions Member

Our Solutions are built designed and developed by listening to our current and future customer’s country wide. ElephantWiFi along with our in-house developed revolutionary Footfall Solution GEO-Sense, is delivering to our client’s unprecedented insights into visitor numbers, movement and trends never seen or even understood before.

As part as our growing interest in the prosperity of our towns and cities and again by listening to people who are continually keen to and have a real interest their Places and along with working with Councils, BIDs, Town Managers and even Retailers, we have developed even more technology.

The launch of our bespoke individually designed Digital Information Kiosks. And we are very proud to announce our first of many installations country wide the installation within our home town of Hinckley Leicestershire.

We are a dedicated team of professionals to include in-house IT Solution Designers, Experts and Developers who are absolutely dedicated not to just design revolutionary Digital High Street Solutions but to advise and support our customers ongoing.

For more information please visit our website

“Capture Understand Engage”


Felltarn Friends


Claire and Amy, aka Felltarn Friends, are a Lake District based design duo focusing on children and family events and products. We now have a range of merchandise from books to activity packs and greetings cards all over Cumbria and the Lake District, as well as available Felltarn Friendsonline. Felltarn Friends’ distinctive country-chick style is instantly recognisable, however we complete design work to any brief including corporate. Our children’s crafting events and parties are great for any occasion where children need entertaining, and our design projects are now taking off with clients from Kendal to Cairo!

This year, Felltarn Friends have successfully completed a series of town-trails for two Cumbrian BIDs – Barrow-in-Furness and Kendal.

These trails have proved a huge success, with over 120 BID businesses taking part, offering “Trail Treats” to participants, putting fun pictures in their windows and allowing themselves to be collection points for the free trail maps.

What’s made these trails such a phenomenal success is the groundwork that goes into getting all BID members involved. At Felltarn Friends, we don’t just create pretty pictures to put in the widows and design a map, we’re out on the ground, speaking with business owners and shop managers, ensuring there is a buzz about town for the event. We provide a personal touch that many design-based companies don’t offer, and see the creation of town trails as more than purely a creative task.

The Kendal Trails Project included:

  • 4 Children’s Summer Trails
  • Boozy Beer and Wine-Time Trail
  • History Trail

If you need any more information about Felltarn Friends, their products and services or anything else that springs to mind, please ask or visit their website.

Amy Onyango, Director.  Call 07846 805602 or email 


 Made You Look!  

One of our earliest Place Solutions providers, Made You Look! provide retailers and other businesses with the tools to create wow factor window and interior displays. This in turn helps local authorities and town centre management teams to re-energise their high streets and drive local economy. Made You Look logo NEW

Janet and Helen’s work inspires business owners to generate fresh ideas and create their own innovative window and internal displays. This sets them apart from the competition and increases sales. Many of their high street projects have also led to successful window display competitions, giving great PR for the town.

They work with a diverse range of businesses across the service, retail and merchandise industries as well as running a series of master classes.

Made You Look! love to help businesses look their best – and ultimately make the retail experience an experience!

To find out more about their latest projects visit their website.



Maybe* entertains and engages shoppers by connecting their digital journey and the High Street into one seamless social experience on their phone.

The way we shop is changing rapidly. We now browse on our smartphones during our maybe-logo-largemorning commute, in a lunchtime break we shop online on our work PC or “showroom” in store on our smartphone, and then in the evenings “sofa surf” on our tablet devices.

High streets have to adapt in order to survive and succeed. For retailers, improving the mobile experience and personalising the customer journey is more critical than ever to business success.

Maybe*’s platform will turn the power of shopper’s smart phone into an asset for each city/town and retailer that they can use to better serve and personalise the retail experience. Maybe* is creating a solution that enables cities/towns and retailers to embrace their shoppers connectivity rather than constantly playing catch up with it.

• Research from Barclays predicts that 42% of all retail sales will involve a mobile device in some way or another this year.
• Despite this just 3% of retailers believe their business is at the cutting-edge when it comes to being mobile ready and a further 70% said they did not currently offer a mobile website or a mobile app for consumers.
• The government also recognises that the retail sector is undergoing a radical transformation and predict that by the 2020s, online shopping is predicted to have doubled and make up around twenty per cent of all retail activity.
• Google reports that 90% shoppers use multiple devices to complete an ecommerce transaction and that 74% of in purchase decisions are influenced by word of mouth.

For shoppers Maybe* delivers:
A way to connect their online and offline shopping experience with both retailers and the people that help them decide what to buy.Maybe_asterisk

For retailers Maybe* delivers:
A way to reach relevant customers who are shopping offline or online and provides a new level of customer insight that will drive business insight, efficiency and sales.

For a town Maybe* delivers:
A new level of Omni channel equality for all retailers that will improve the retail experience for all shoppers and provides a potential new revenue stream for a town.

To find out more visit Maybe*s website.



miconex provide a fully managed technology service which connects local businesses with local consumers using a Smartphone Application System. Working in partnership with local councils, Business Improvement Districts and business membership organisations they can deliver a digital infrastructure which allows businesses to communicate efficiently andmiconex logo effectively with local residents and visitors.

Businesses use a central content management system to enter key messages – promotions, events and information – these are then communicated via sophisticated free smartphone apps for iPhone and Android, web, social media and email.

Additional services include; implementation and launch planning, design and print of marketing materials, content set-up, management and ongoing support for participating businesses.

miconex are preferred supplier for BIDs Scotland for smartphone application systems and part of their ‘More for Business’ procurement package. They are currently live in six towns.

Find out more on their website.



Supporting Smarter Town Centres. We help you get the full potential from data.


Noggin produces tools and services for effective Town Centre Management. We analyse data from a variety of sources to understand the impact of events and policy decisions, how towns are growing and how best to encourage prosperity.

 If you are already collecting data, we can work with your existing providers to support you. If not, we can help you find solutions ideal for your location. If you’re starting from a blank sheet, if you want to extend your existing footfall coverage or complement it, our footflow sensors are low-cost, effective and provide great insights into visitor patterns.

Our secure online portal gives you access to data from us, from other suppliers and local authorities, all in one place.

A refreshing approach to data Clear, compelling insights that make business sense

Revive & Thrive Place Solutions Member

“Data is powerful but confusing. How can we use it for good; bring genuine benefits? This is the goal for Noggin.”

Our goal is to bring data analysis to the smaller business, to help key decision-makers plan and execute their choices with firm evidence and clear cases for success.

The time is right. Falling computer costs, rising availability of data and an appreciation of the possibilities it can bring. 

The kinds of data analysis previously only enjoyed by big business is increasingly available to the masses, and we can help navigate the options, advise on best practise, and bring value & competitive advantage to organisations.

With these new opportunities, there are dangers. We will continue to push for user rights and protection of privacy; challenging improper use of data. We encourage education, showing both users and practitioners the risks & challenges involved.  All place solutions must generate measurable data

To find out more visit noggin 



Place solutions provider, PinPointer puts brands in the right place…………

…the very best place they can be to attract the customers they want.

We are leaders in ‘Location DNA’, a new way to make outdoor promotions more effective than ever.

Not only do we know the UK’s top promotional locations, we mine the data around them to deliver the demographic, footfall and customer insights that let brands build profits from places.

We generate extra revenue for place managers.

We’ll help you leverage the power of your high street as a promotional location, and drive reasons to visit.

We’ll add excitement by bringing new experiences, exclusive product launches and top presentations.

And we’ll showcase the potential of your town centre to brands looking for new store locations, and customers keen to spend.

Will manage every element for you…

…from people to prep to paperwork. We handle all the checks, legal requirements and planning so you can concentrate on the creative.

We’re a hugely experienced, versatile, industry-leading team that will bring your brand face-to-face with the customers you want.

Let us put you on the spot.

To find out more visit their website


 Real Towns

Real Towns brings digital solutions and fresh thinking to the challenges facing UK towns and cities today.

We work with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), local authorities, business groups, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), town teams and placemakers to build communities which thrive on smart technology and collaboration.Place Solutions

Our holistic approach boosts business, attracts visitors, celebrates unique town heritage and offers residents new ways of engaging with each other and the wider community.

Ask us about our 5-Step Process for Digital Towns.

We all know how vibrant communities are a magnet for investment, employment, networking and recreation.

The Real Towns program is the glue holding all these elements together, ensuring people work effectively with technology as an essential part of their everyday lives.

By bundling our services, we remove the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers and make sure all our efforts are working in sync to achieve your goals.

Or you can create your own package to match the unique circumstances in your town or city.

We believe in empowerment – involving you in running your own community and controlling your destiny with the best digital technology at your disposal.

Real Towns leads from the front, and we’re happy to be judged by the results we achieve.

Are you ready to embrace digital innovation in your town or city? Start with us today.

Find out more about our products and services: Working With BIDs and Local Authorities, Digital Health Check, Real Town Tours, Real 360 Imagery and Virtual Tours.



OurLocal.Town produce bespoke town digital packages, which are unique for each town (or BID team, council or other grouping). It is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Its primary functionality includes an A-Z listing of all town businesses and utilities, as well as their choice of info tabs such as events, geofencing options, maps, galleries, app analytics, push notifications, social media and car finder, to name but a few.

The next tier allows all businesses to have online offers, using QR codes, check-in deals, collector cards and other gift mechanisms linking to our CMS, which manages deals as well as providing detailed analytics. All businesses are given a mobile website or we integrate information into to their existing site, be it mobile or not.

In the last tier OurLocal.Town provide an online store for all businesses in the town, tailored to the needs of the businesses and town with the ability to integrate offers and third party services.

We can also offer sales and marketing support for businesses both online and offline.

For further information contact Mark Brodermann on 01491 637914 or 

To find out more visit their website


PFM Footfall Intelligence

PFM Footfall Intelligence offer a unique range of footfall and behavioural analysis equipment combined with bespoke software to provide our clients with valuable business insight. We deliver systems that produce reliable and consistent data which our clients can depend on when making business critical decisions. PFM

Our experience has proved time and again that detector technology and correct location selection has a major impact on performance and data quality. Consequently we use a range of detectors which enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each count area, taking into consideration the operating environment and putting the emphasis on delivering accurate, reliable and above all consistent data.

Customer support is another key element of our offer at PFM Footfall Intelligence and we strive to deliver the highest possible levels of service. Our team has been carefully chosen to maintain the high standards expected by our clients, backed up with a regular system maintenance and account management service.

To find out more visit PFM’s website.



Silvermaze is a company whose team have a passion for creating, attractive, accurate and easy to interpret maps that give an appealing charm to any area and deliver pleasure and confidence to the user.

They fervently believe that their role is to produce high quality, well designed wayfinding digital and hardcopy products that meet their client’s aspirations, within budget and without encroaching too much on their valuable time

A few testimonials:

“We and the public are delighted with the result” Boston

“A without stress project with great results” Huddersfield

“Their professionalism made a complex project seem easy” Royal Leamington Spa

“Excellent, if you need any references let me know” Perth

“The final product is brilliant” Bedford

“Wow! It looks great” Brixton

“Very Impressed” Rugby

“Incredible” London Bayswater

“Fantastic, my boss is very pleased” Motherwell


Space Qube

Space Qube is a PopUp shop business offering Design and Fit-out services to regular Poppers as well as those looking to pop up for the first time.Print

Run by Alison John who comes from a Design and Shop-fitting background, Space Qube is planning to open the first Permanent Pop-up shop in 2014 offering a space that will be sub-let on license to PopUp tenants.  This will house a quick change-over shop fitting system making the space flexible and easy to transform, providing a blank canvas for Brand designers to set the stage or if preferred, we can design, fit out and manage the experience for the tenant.

Brands will be able to recycle their content for re-use in the same store or any Space Qube Store, allowing the tenant to go on a kind of PopUp Road show.



Since 1989 Storecheckers has built a reputation for providing top quality Mystery ShoppingMarket Research & Training based on building long term relationships with clients who have increased sales and profits by continually improving customer service.  storecheckers-logo

Storecheckers carefully tailors all its services to meet your needs and the team is dedicated to ensuring that clients achieve the very best levels of service to improve business performance. The team is particularly proud of its bespoke reports and statistical analysis with 100% reliable and accurate information. The feedback gives clients the answers to questions vital to business improvement.

With an ever increasing portfolio of clients Storecheckers’ 25 years experience in the industry offering place solutions makes it one of the most respected providers of Mystery Shopping, Research & Training in the UK



Townapps provide high quality mobile apps for towns, cities and areas. Townapps are a mobile app development company dedicated to creating engaging mobile apps that connect local businesses to local consumers and visitors in a way that’s simple for everyone.  Town Apps logo

Townapps provide all the information about your town in the palm of your hand.  The app is free to download from both the Apple store and Google Play store. Townapps, recognizing the complexity of designing, developing, building and launching an app, has alleviated this onerous task by offering a turn-key solution that does not require up-front development fees. In fact, Townapps delivers working apps for a modest annual license fee, this covers hosting, ongoing upgrades and the development and support of your app for the length of the license period. Townapps work with you through every step to get your app live and provide ongoing support to make sure your app works effectively for you and your area.

The app can be used to access up-to-date local news feeds, weather forecasts, heritage trails, what’s on and redeem exclusive special offers and promotions from local businesses. Using geo-location, users can easily find places of interest near them, get directions and contact local businesses directly through the app. Once the app is downloaded, users can access listings and information offline.

For further information and details about how the Townapp place solutions can support your local area please:


UK Engage

Place solutions provider, UK Engage is one of the leading election services providers in the country, specialising in both postal and digital ballots and elections.  Working with organisations which operate in both private and public sectors, UK Engage administers all types of democratic processes, including ballots for Business Improvement Districts.  UK Engage

With a strong heritage in printed election stationery, UK Engage is experienced in administering ballots for Business Improvement Districts and has completed numerous new and renewal ballots.  In addition, by acting as the Independent Scrutineer we will oversee the conduct of the ballot on behalf of the local authority ballot holder.

Once it has been decided that a ballot will go ahead, UK Engage will work with the BID consultant and local authority to implement communications to hereditaments within the BID boundary. Typical printed communications and management services for BID ballots include: –

  • Print and mailing of the notice of ballot
  • Management of the proxy process
  • Print and mailing of the ballot packs
  • Print and mailing of business plans (posted with the notice of poll or ballot pack)
  • Print and mailing of any reminder to vote letters/postcards
  • Result declaration

All BID ballots are assigned a dedicated account manager who has full responsibility for the ballot.  UK Engage is the only electoral services provider to hold the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) which means it will always provide the best service to BID consultants, local authorities and business owners.  Further accreditations include ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Investors in People (IIP).

“Solihull Metropolitan Council worked with UK Engage for the printing and mailing of ballot papers, and receiving and counting the returned votes for the Solihull Renewal BID ballot.  I was very happy with the service we received. The project was well-run and information provided in a timely manner and we were able to get daily updates on the returned ballots.”  Deborah Merry – Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

You can contact UK Engage on 0161 209 4808 or by email

Visit their website here