Revive & Thrive announces their Ambassador for Welsh Towns

Welsh Towns Ambassador for a Welsh Company

UK wide regeneration organisation Revive & Thrive is today announcing Swansea BID Chief Executive, Russell Greenslade as their Ambassador for Welsh Towns.  Based in Newtown in Mid Wales, Revive & Thrive has always had ambitions to show off to the rest of the UK what Welsh Towns AmbassadorWelsh towns have to offer and, with this new appointment, that plan comes a step nearer.

Mr Greenslade, who has been running the first Business Improvement District in Wales since 2009, will ensure that issues and opportunities for Welsh Towns stay high on the national agenda.

This new role completes the line up of three Ambassadors for specific areas of place management and regeneration within the Revive & Thrive networks

Russell George AM who is the Shadow Secretary for the Economy, and Chairs the national assembly for Wales economy and Infrastructure committees said: “I’m delighted that Revive & Thrive are applying specific focus to Welsh towns.  I fully support the creation of a support network that allows towns across Wales to learn from others and inspire.  I hope that Mr Greenslade is very successful in this new voluntary role”  Welsh Towns Ambassador

Dr James Davies MP/AS, Vale of Clwyd/Dyffryn Clwyd  “I know from experience in my constituency that High Street regeneration can happen – and very successfully – but for this to take place, a well-planned and cohesive approach needs to be taken. by businesses, local authorities and voluntary groups.  Revive & Thrive’s efforts are to be welcomed and I look forward to working with them.” 

Founder and Managing Director of Revive & Thrive, Mark Barnes said “Working with town centres around the UK provides a huge amount of understanding of issues facing different areas and different ‘types’ of towns and we are delighted to have the opportunity to bring this home to Wales”  He added “Welsh towns have a unique distinctiveness and it is key that they use this to their advantage”

Revive & Thrive’s Ambassador for UK Places, Alison Bowcott-McGrath said “I have a huge emotional attachment for Wales.  Whilst my company, PinPointer, is based in Salford,  I hail from Abercynon and am lucky to still work closely with Pontypridd and Aberdare town centres.  Good luck Russell and I look forward to being involved.”Welsh towns

Steph James, Maidenhead Town Manager and Revive & Thrive UK Ambassador for Towns said “Great to have another Ambassador joining the Revive & Thrive Team – every new person brings new ideas and inspiration from their experiences in place management”

Revive & Thrive will now be able to focus on specific issues facing high streets in Wales and use Mr Greenslade’s expertise to inspire towns, high streets and communities to ensure that they all have successful and viable futures.

Plans for the creation of a Wales wide network for towns will soon be announced and anyone interested in being involved is urged to email or call Mark Barnes on 03330 124285 or

You can meet the rest of the Ambassadors here

Welsh Towns Ambassador
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