Blachere Competition 2015 runners-up Southwater

Trip to the Light Fantastic

Southwater Parish Council took part in the Revive and Thrive Christmas Light competition – sponsored by Blachere lights in 2015. We were impressed throughout with the ease of the application process and professionalism of those managing the competition. Southwater Parish Council’s team greatly enjoyed the day at Blackpool and felt that we obtain a real insight into the business and advantages of professional community lights.Blachere Logo

Participating in this experience has given us all the opportunity to assess the benefits obtained to date by our Christmas lights and to forward plan how we can build up, and expand, the Southwater Christmas experience and better utilise the resources in which we have already invested.

So what happened next? Well, with the prize money we received in 2015 we were able to light trees around our war memorial which we hope to be able to use for annual remembrance events and WW1 commemoration events. Additionally the lights form a welcoming area to the entrance to the village and light up the surrounding paths forming a link between two shopping areas.

We now have a clear vision of what we want to do next to expand the lighting scheme and to use our lights throughout the year. We have been assisted by Blachere staff in choosing the lights and mountings and have always enjoyed our illuminating discussions.

Carol Fossick, Southwater Parish Council

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