Our Appeal for National Support for UK BIDs and Places

Do you want to be involved in delivering national support for UK BIDs and Places? 

Business Improvement Districts and UK places no longer have the same level of nationwide representation or the single voice to affect and share policy.  They also miss the opportunity to get together to share ideas.

On request, Revive & Thrive has been asked to fill the vacuum.

But we can’t do it alone and we want you to help shape a truly representative body for place management, of all kinds and UK wide.

Revive & Thrive and the custodians of our places and BIDs are looking for –


Applications from a small number of the right professionals to join our Non-Executive Board to ensure the best representation for UK BIDs and Places


UK BIDs and Places


To remove obstacles that are preventing our places from flourishing.

To inform and shape future policy for UK BIDs and Places.

To represent places and BIDs at government level.



The best equipped place and BID practitioners to form a national Steering Group to support the Revive & Thrive’s Non-Executive Board


Uk BIDs and Places

To replace worn out support for towns and cities with a new vibrant and action focused networks.

To reach out to as many places as possible to understand their issues and opportunities. 

To create an organisation that will serve and deliver the right outcomes for UK BIDS and Places.



Regional Advisors to represent the different needs of UK BIDs and places in  different regions in the UK


UK BIDs and PlacesTo offer support to places that feel that they are working in isolation and therefore might have lost direction

To help decide the right local views, actions and campaigns that should be promoted nationally

To create opportunities for placemakers and BIDs to meet regularly and locally



Like-minded people who support the views and comments below to join Revive & Thrive

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership said “We fully support Revive & Scotlands Towns PartnershipThrive becoming a single point of contact for UK’s places. 

We are pleased to be offering support in an advisory role ahead of forming a more compelling relationship with Revive & Thrive Spring 2017″


Lucy Ball MD of Destination Marketing an experienced and successful BID and Place Management Practitioner based in the South West saidI would be delighted to serve Revive & Thrive as either a Board Member or on the Steering Group. Practical and Strategic support for towns, cities and their stakeholders is essential. lucy-ball-image

The role of Place /BID Manager can be a difficult role to deliver as there are often many conflicting interests to balance and many balls to keep in the air. 

At this uncertain time for post-Brexit Britain it is very important that our towns and cities are championed as the engines of the UK economy. 

I believe that Revive & Thrive has an increasingly influential role to play in support those working on the front line and in shaping national policy to make our urban centres vibrant and viable.”



People who want to write about their experiences and views on BIDs and Places in Place Magazine

Revive & Thrive's Place For Towns and Cities Magazine - Town and City Centre
Download all issues of Place Magazine here


To find out more or for an informal discussion contact Mark Barnes on 07590 005692 or email mark@reviveandthrive.co.uk





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