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Place Magazine Issue 9

Time is linear not cyclical….

Issue #9 Place Magazine
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…yet we always use this time of the year for reflection and see every January as a fresh start.

The routine of our places is cyclical in as much that we have seasonal sales, Christmas Lights switch on events, annual carnivals, summer place marketing campaigns etc etc etc.  Yet, while our places have a routine, they are all on a linear journey. 

This journey could be one of improvement and development, one of decline and demise or a fluctuation between improvement and decline.

Whichever journey that place is on, it will never return to where it began and nor should it.  It moves further and further away from the place that it was.

What’s essential on the journey is that custodians of place take time to be aware of their trend and that they look around and learn from the direction of travel of other places.

National support for BIDs and places are on a similar journey too as they all move in a linear direction away from their previous level of support for places.

We talk a lot about Revive & Thrive 2017 in this issue of Place Magazine as if it is a new beginning but it’s a linear change of direction to support the journey that we are all on.Revive & Thrive Legendary Places Conference

What will be different, is the governance of Revive & Thrive.  To truly support places and Business Improvement Districts we believe that this is led by peers of Place Managers and BID Directors.  Not only do they know best but they can be more inspirational as they are actually ‘’doing the job’ not writing or speaking about it.

In this issue of Place, I’m proud to introduce you to our new Non-Executive Board of Directors and Revive & Thrive’s new team of ten officers who will work to support them.

As we share ideas on social media and online during the upcoming festive interval, please take time to look around at the places and their stories in Place Magazine and share your journey with Revive & Thrive and all places in the UK.

Merry momentary pause in your linear journey and happy resumption in a new previously un-experienced January.  Download all issues of Place Magazine here.

Best wishes Revive & Thrive Membership


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