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Press Release – Revive & Thrive 31st March 2017


Revive & Thrive is delighted to have been shortlisted as part of the process to identify an organisation to represent Business Improvement Districts at a national level.

Supported by our Non-Executive Board of Directors and our Advisory Board along with our strategic partners Groundwork CLM we submitted a tender.  Collectively we represent over 30 BIDs and the hope was, from these BIDs, that Revive & Thrive would be the successful candidate.  

Together, we all decided that the tender that we submitted, whilst focusing on BIDs, should be inclusive and address helping future BID development as well as acknowledging the wider place management ecosystem.  The BIDs that we consulted whilst preparing for the tender felt our approach was appropriate.  Revive & Thrive’s application tender can be downloaded in full here 

Whilst working on the next stage of the process and taking on board the views of the BIDs that Revive & Thrive has a close relationship with, we revisited the tender specification and decided that we need not be unnecessarily constrained in the way that we work.  For this reason, Revive & Thrive has decided to withdraw from the process altogether.

To help Revive & Thrive support the outcomes of the Rocket Science tender, had we won it, the organisation had this week received significant investment to exponentially grow.

Revive & Thrive member
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This investment would have been directed into delivering the dedicated BID element as required by the tender.  Instead this funding can now be reinvested into supporting the existing and future Revive & Thrive network.

Revive & Thrive has been and will always be about all places as well as BIDs.  This is a mantra that we will proudly continue with and we look forward to the next steps with our Non-Executive Board and Advisory Board.

Mark Barnes, MD and Founder of Revive & Thrive said “This has been an extremely interesting process which has enabled a lot of internal scrutiny and scrutiny of other organisations.  Revive & Thrive is financially and reputationally stronger from the process and I am pleased that together we have decided to stay true and inclusive.”

Matt Powell, Mark’s business partner and co-director of Revive & Thrive, said “The BIDs industry in England and Wales is at a point where it needs openness, clarity and a unifying voice in order to mature and become a respected by national policy makers. For the benefit of all of our country’s towns, cities and high streets, we expect that the organisation chosen to take the industry forward does so with the places we care about and the businesses within them at its heart.”

Revive & Thrive as a membership organisation has always had a very different offer to alternatives and it is continuing to invite members to join, be they BIDs or any other place management structureFuture of Revive & Thrive

Mark Barnes added “I wish the successful organisation all the best for the future.  We offer you our support and a willingness to work with you and collaborate to deliver the best support for UK towns and cities.”


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