Business Improvement District Services

Business Improvement District Services – 5 stages

Revive & Thrive looks after all five stages of a Business Improvement District’s life and focuses on business engagement to ensure that the right BID is developed for your area.

Revive and Thrive BID Feasibility service will ascertain if a BID is right four your area


Feasibility – Is a BID right for your area?  We help you make the right decision and if necessary suggest alternatives


Revive and Thrive helps BIDs with every stage of their lives up to and including BID Renewal


Planning – Working with your local steering group we will make sure that your BID is ready to go live and is future fit


Revive and Thrive helps BIDs with their implementation


Implementation – Once the ballot closes, the real work begins! There will be much to do before the BID can actually begin and we can help


Revive and Thrive helps BIDs with delivery of services


Delivery – For BIDs that have begun operations, Revive & Thrive is here for you, whatever your needs, from interim management to general support and advice


Coming up to BID Renewal, Revive & Thrive will be the right network to help you win again


Renewal – The all important endorsement of your hard work.  Revive & Thrive has a comprehensive programme for BID Renewal


So where ever you are on your BID journey, Revive & Thrive is here for you and has a wide network of experience and best practice.

To find out how we can help you call 03330 124285 or email