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The Future of Placemaking is Digital

In conjunction with our partners in digital contract delivery – Real Towns – digital placemaking the Revive & Thrive way connects business, retail, tourism, heritage, environment, schools and residents.

digital placemaking

A digital revolution is underway in smart towns and cities right across the UK – and it involves much more than mobile phones, wi-fi towers and footfall devices.

As vital as these are, we’re talking about a digital revolution which brings people and places together through technology, ideas, collaboration and storytelling to enrich lives in more meaningful ways than devices alone.

Sadly, many communities across the UK are tuning out because they don’t know how to harness the full power and potential of digital. Some wrongly believe it’s unaffordable, while others have invested heavily but failed to get the outcomes they expected.

Many still make two big mistakes: They misunderstand how people engage in a digital world and think the technology will somehow pay for itself just by plugging it in.

Human Engagement through Digital Placemaking

We’re determined to change all this by bringing a whole new approach to digital placemaking which has people at its core and is driven by outcomes and to achieve this, we have a range of solutions for BIDs, councils and communities to expand business, boost tourism and involve people in the process.

Working with Real Towns, digital placemaking the Revive & Thrive way connects business, retail, tourism, heritage, environment, schools and residents with:

  • An Overarching Documented Digital Strategy
  • Robust Digital Assets
  • Hyper Community Engagement
  • Advanced Content Production & Storytelling Strategies
  • Targeted Data Analysis and Data Journalism
  • Expert Digital Skills Workshops for all Key Stakeholders
  • Cutting Edge Collaboration Tools & Techniques
  • CRM Integration and Marketing Automation (coming soon)

Our methods focus on delivering a return on your investment in digital infrastructure by making it talk to your audience and engaging them directly in the life of your place.

That’s good for business, creates an environment for investment and renewal, and attracts tourists and families to live, work and play in your patch – all the ingredients needed to revitalise and regenerate towns and cities.

Digital Placemaking – Packages & Products

With Revive & Thrive, you can choose a whole-town digital placemaking solution under a single unified brand, comprising:  

Digital Placemaking
Members enjoy discounts on this service
  • A central website and social media channels
  • Email newsletters
  • Page-by-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • GPS enabled self-guided mobile apps for walkers, cyclists and treasure hunters
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • 360 imagery & Virtual Tours
  • Content updates
  • Social Media + Google Advertising and Re-Marketing
  • Google My Business listings

Engage us as consultants for any individual or combination of solutions we offer. Or take the whole package and work with us to watch your town evolve and grow.

Sounds daunting? It’s not. We train you up to drive your own digital vehicle to reach your destination on your own terms.

All it takes is one step to get started. Contact us today!


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Digital Placemaking
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