Great British Towns Monopoly


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Great British Towns Monopoly

sponsored by Revive & Thrive.


Revive & Thrive is very pleased to be sponsoring the Great British Towns Monopoly Board.

Imaginative, immersive and interactive, Great British Towns Monopoly is not only an excellent place marketing tool it’s also a fun way to engage with your residents and visitors.Great British Towns Monopoly

Cost neutral and generates income for your town or city

Thanks to Revive & Thrive sponsorship, the Great British Towns Monopoly set up cost is affordable for all places and is not only cost neutral, it also offers a return on your investment.

Being sold all around the UK, you can be sure that your town, city or place is at the front of vibrant family occasions, all year round.

Promote your place

Great British Towns Monopoly is primarily aimed at Councils, Business Improvement Districts, Town Centre Partnerships and anyone interested in promoting where they live, work and play.

Revive & Thrive members not only enjoy a discounted set-up cost but also a great return on investment.  Find out more about membership here.

Packages to choose from

With three packages to choose from and three levels of investment and return, there is an option to suit all budgets.  See graphic on this page or download this leaflet.

Next stepsEnter Christmas Light Competition join Revive & Thrive

Please read the FAQs below but be aware that inevitably spaces and packages are limited and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. 

If you are interested in featuring on the Great British Towns Monopoly Board email or call 0333 012 4285, option 3.


What can we put on our Great British Towns Monopoly Board:
  • Monopoly Square? – You can use your logo, an image or a combination of the two.
  • Monopoly Chance/Community Card? – Something fun and friendly that includes a good reference to your place.
  • Monopoly Board/Box Image? – An instantly recognisable image of your town/city/place.
What are the launch and press plans for Great British Towns Monopoly Board?

There are five key phases to the launch campaign:

  • Announcement of the participating towns/cities and places in the Great British Towns Monopoly Board.

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  • Teaser campaign about the content of the game.
  • Leaking the occupier of the first square (Old Kent Road).
  • Leaking the places in the first colour set.
  • Game launch consisting of vibrant national and regional marketing and local activity.
Can I have more than one square?

Yes, multiple packages are available.  Ideal for organisations responsible for more than one town or city.

How can we promote our involvement in Great British Towns Monopoly?

It is expected that participating towns, cities and places will heavily promote their inclusion in Great British Towns Monopoly and this is very much encouraged.  Sponsors Revive & Thrive, along with Hasbro, will help all participants make the most of their inclusion with marketing and social media campaigns and assist with promotional assets.

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