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Revive & Thrive are inviting key respected professionals in town/city centre regeneration or economic bclm Logo 50 percentdevelopment to judge the best solutions for promoting and protecting our centres to help them revive and thrive.

Our venue for the Town Centres Solution Challenge on September 24 2015 is the Black Country Living Museum.  Holding the event here will both ensure an enjoyable and informative day and enable us all to compare and contrast with town centres of the past.  You can read more detail here and book workshops here.Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive Town Centre Solution Challenge - The Judges

You can see the latest agenda by clicking this link.

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Why hold this event? 

Regeneration and Town Practitioners simply don’t have the time to consider all the solutions that can preserve or bring about positive economic and behaviour change in a community.  So we are going to spend a varied day together which will include listening to presentations and scoring the products and solutions in a Dragon’s Den style format.

The day will result in a number of ‘Best in Class’ winners and best ‘Overall Solution for Town & City Centres.’  This will help colleagues, in their day to day work, to prioritise which projects are worthy of their consideration as judged by a panel of their peers.

Solutions that will be judged on the day are not limited to, but may include car parking projects, events, websites, mystery shopping, window dressing, signage, apps, street furniture, pop up shops, retailer training, lighting, loyalty schemes,  Christmas lights, markets, entertainers, footfall counting, maps, newsletter, local press, cost reduction services, shop local campaigns the list goes on and on and these examples are for illustrative purposes only.

You can read more about why we do what we do here.

Who else can attend on the day?

In addition to the judges, the exhibitors and the businesses who are presenting, the doors are open to this exclusive event to anyone involved with or interested in retail, town/city centres and communities.  You can find out more by visiting this webpage but, in brief, day visitors are invited to the exhibitions, the workshops and the museum for only £20 + vat.Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive Town Centre Solution Challenge - Day Visitor

Judges cost –

We are being asked to charge a nominal fee to secure the jud20150410_141813ging seat.  This is fixed at £10 + vat and includes all of the above with the drinks, food and entry to the museum included.

This can be paid direct to our bank, paid by cheque or online at our Eventbrite page (service charge applies).

We are grateful to our judges for taking the day out of normal work to make the event and its outcomes successful.  The nominal fee is a token Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive Town Centre Solution Challengecontribution to secure an element of commitment and is non refundable.

How to be a judge.

Judges are invited but if you think you have what it takes to judge the best tools and solutions for UK town and city centres we want to hear from you.  A judge might be a well known and respected regeneration or high street luminary and/or a representative of a BID, Council, Business Group, Shopping Centre or Town Team/Partnership.

Invited Judges are asked to register by clicking this link.

Email any enquiries or apply to be a judge via or call 03330 124285.

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