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During the Legendary Places Conference, we will be showcasing Local Legend case studies:

Local Legend Case Studies
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Wyre/Fylde/Blackpool – Shop Local Scheme in Wyre covering Blackpool and Fylde was launched in October 2014 and was immediately received very well by both local businesses and members of the local community. The aim of this scheme is to boost the local economy by offering discounts to cardholders and therefore generating new custom for local businesses which will then directly impact positively on the local economy. There are currently 122 participating businesses and over 8,000 cardholders.  Revive & Thrive is delighted to welcome these Legends as one of the Local Legend case studies.

Kidsgrove – Since taking on the chair of the Kidsgrove Town Centre CIC (GO Kidsgrove), Josephine Locke has worked tirelessly to encourage businesses and residents to get involved in GO Kidsgrove. Virtually singlehandedly, she has signed up over 50% of Kidsgrove businesses to become members (and is currently working on the other 50%). She has also significantly raised the profile of the organisation with community groups and local residents and forged a good working relationship with the town council.  

Wimborne BID – The Wimborne BID has worked to collaborate with other local stakeholders to create a vision for the town which they are working together to achieve. The great strength in Wimborne Minster is a wealth of passionate people working for the town. The BID works within that structure to support, inspire and engage Town, District and County Councils, local event organisers, the In-Bloom committee, The Chamber of Trade, Police and others to make Wimborne Minster the envy of other towns.  Revive & Thrive is delighted to welcome these Legends as one of the Local Legend case studies   Book Here

Ashfield – Ashfield District Council is currently undertaking a Place Enhancement Programme, which includes developing its town centres as a ‘go to place’, supporting both the local community and the wider vicinity. This work includes the design and installation of new gateway signage; the development of trader groups, both retail and industrial; reducing the blight of empty shops, which though is not endemic, is still cause for concern and working with community groups to support and hold local events.  

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Love Loughborough BID – One of the main focuses during the first term of Love Loughborough BID was to build on the local council’s event programme to bring more events to the town centre. The aim was to boost footfall, particularly on Sundays. A Father’s Day Car Show was developed which is now hugely successful with around 150 exhibitors and over 16,000 visitors. Local traders see a 20-30% increase in trade on the day.

Great Peak District Fair – In 2002 Jean Ball was taking up a new role as Buxton Town Centre Coordinator and Foot & Mouth disease was starting to bite hard in the surrounding Peak District.  Tasked with coming up with an event that would have both practical economic benefits for the area and help to raise the mood, The Great Peak District Fair was created. It showcased and provided a market place for the many wonderful food producers and artisans across the district – and is now in its 15th year.

Mansfield BID – Mansfield has become just one of three areas selected to trial innovative new interactive Touchpoint technology that aims to bring more people into town centres and provide intelligent data to the businesses engaged in the scheme. The BID was successful in being selected by Rewarding Visits to be a candidate town to install digital Touchpoints later this year, as part of the £1M Reimagining the High Street competition, due to Mansfield Town centre already leading the way by having an existing bespoke free Wi-Fi for members of the public.  

Swansea BID – 2017 will be an exciting time in Swansea City Centre with the start of over £4.5 Billion pounds’ worth of regeneration projects. Having secured a 2nd renewal ballot in Feb 2017, the BID will be the conduit to businesses about the regeneration timeline, impact on trade and to ensure existing businesses and BID area economy and vibrancy continues to grow. The BID will be embarking on a new B2B strategy using technologies as the key driver for communications and engagement.  Revive & Thrive is delighted to welcome these Legends as one of the Local Legend case studies
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