Revive & Thrive Place and Business Improvement District Advisory Service

Free to all Revive & Thrive members – Revive & Thrive Place and Business Improvement District Advisory Service

Revive & Thrive is, and will always be, committed to helping people across the UK find the right solutions to make their places better for all those who use them.  Whether you are looking for advice on bringing a group of volunteers together to deliver creative and innovative projects, are considering the future management of your place or are on the road to Business Improvement District development or even have an existing Business Improvement District, we have the skills, networks and expertise to help you put your solutions in place.

Firstly, the Revive & Thrive Expert Panel brings together leaders in the field of place management who can advise and support you on:

  • Event planning and delivery
  • Digital development for your place
  • Commercialisation of your high street
  • Giving visitors an experience to remember
  • Retail training and support
  • Getting into and around your place
  • Engaging with businesses, residents and visitors
  • Data collection, collation and interpretation

Revive & Thrive can also advise and support you on all aspects of managing your place.  The team has already worked with places and Business Improvement District s up and down the country on projects such as:

  • Place Partnership development and initiation
  • Business surveys  For Business Improvement District support join Revive & Thrive
  • Place branding
  • Place marketing
  • Business Improvement District feasibility, development and delivery
  • Business Improvement District management
  • Business Improvement District renewal
  • Social media growth
  • Recruitment
  • Bringing places together to share ideas and best practice
  • Project evaluation
  • Outsourced and project-based place management

And is available to work with you on your place management requirements, whatever they may be – even helping you to establish what the needs of your place are.

Through its extensive networks, non-executive Board of Directors, regional representatives and national advisory group, there is no question you may have that Revive & Thrive cannot answer, no issue that we cannot help you to solve and no need that will go unaddressed.

If you are an individual volunteer, a Town Team, a town centre or BID manager, a council officer working with places or a business on the high street, Revive & Thrive is here to help you make your place better.

See a sample of our testimonials here.  Enjoy all this advice for free by joining Revive & Thrive from only £110+vat per annum Contact us Business Improvement District