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City Dressing

Award winning Place Solutions Member, City Dressing is about transforming public space. Whether it is a whole town, a street, an event or a shop we create strategies that engage that space with the public.

As well as working on empty property the company also creates street installations using banners, bunting, flags and graphics that can transform a street for season or an event. They supplied over 20 kms of bunting of for various events around the country in 2012.

City Dressing will provide a fee audit of any town to list empty property and potential outdoor media sites as well as creating a City Dressing proposal with a range of ideas to transform place and raise additional revenue.

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Our High Street Place Solution Providers deliver some of the best services available to places across the UK. Use this index to find the best provider for any high street solution that you need. At our frequent Revive & Thrive networking events you can also experience and hear more about what they have to offer your place.


BID Base

BIDBase is a web-based database tool design for BIDs. It provides the functionality of a CRM system with the added dimension of hereditaments so it can be used for ballot forecasting, levy income analysis, influence analysis and lots more. It provides BIDs with a method of evidencing their impact – levy-payer promotions, interactions with people and event BIDBase from Wisdom Factoryattendance. The idea is that a BIDBase user need never be caught out by a levy-paying voter in their BID area saying: “so what has the BID ever done for us”?

We were mindful of the fact that some BIDs have levy income levels of £100K or less so BIDBase is offered on the freemium model. The free version meets the basic needs for the day-to-day running of a BID, plus the basic voter report you need to submit prior to ballot. The premium version has enhanced tools. BIDBase has been designed by people who work in BIDs and is very powerful. BIDBase introduces the concept of ‘BID Stranger Index’; those people who have never had an interaction with the BID team, never been to a BID event and whose employers have never been promoted by the BID. That figure pops up on a dashboard whenever you log on, keeping the ‘mission-critical’ stuff right at the forefront of a BID manager’s mind.

BIDBase includes a list of national decision makers, those people who decide how their business votes in ballots across a region or even the whole country. We are carefully growing and maintaining this list, to make it as up-to-date as possible and publishing it with the consent of the people on the list, to make sure you stay on the right side of the Data Protection Act.

BIDBase was launched in January 2017 and has impressed everyone who’s seen it so far. There’s a short video outlining the key features on the website (click ‘Features’).

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Inner Space

Generate more income from your town centre spaces

Inner Space are specialists in providing management of promotional space to town centres across the UK. We already work exclusively with over 20 town centre locations providing such a service.

Created by a team of commercialisation specialists with a vast wealth of industry knowledge, the team at Inner Space have a combined experience of more than 50 years working with the UK’s shopping and town centres.

Add to this our large network of client contacts across the country, and you have a great commercialisation offer to venues. If you are looking for a commercial partner to manage your town centre promotion spaces why not consider Inner Space?

We offer a first-class service, with a dedicated team of professionals who are proactive rather than reactive. We take care of everything, from licensing to credit control, liaising on a regular basis with town centre management to tailor the right mix of events and to deliver revenues from both short and long term promotional opportunities.

Best of all, we charge our commission directly to the promoter, so there is no cost to you. For more details of please call Ben Humphreys on: 0161 477 3652

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More providers coming soon. If you offer this service please do get in touch to apply to be listed and we will access your application.

More providers coming soon. If you offer this service please do get in touch to apply to be listed and we will access your application.


Made You Look!

One of our earliest Place Solutions providers, Made You Look! provide retailers and other businesses with the tools to create wow factor window and interior displays. This in turn helps local authorities and town centre management teams to re-energise their high streets and drive local economy.

Janet and Helen’s work inspires business owners to generate fresh ideas and create their own innovative window and internal displays. This sets them apart from the competition and increases sales. Many of their high street projects have also led to successful window display competitions, giving great PR for the town.

They work with a diverse range of businesses across the service, retail and merchandise industries as well as running a series of master classes.

Made You Look! love to help businesses look their best – and ultimately make the retail experience an experience!

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Since 1989 Storecheckers has built a reputation for providing top quality Mystery Shopping, Market Research & Training based on building long term relationships with clients who have increased sales and profits by continually improving customer service. storecheckers-logo

Storecheckers carefully tailors all its services to meet your needs and the team is dedicated to ensuring that clients achieve the very best levels of service to improve business performance. The team is particularly proud of its bespoke reports and statistical analysis with 100% reliable and accurate information. The feedback gives clients the answers to questions vital to business improvement.

With an ever increasing portfolio of clients Storecheckers’ 25 years experience in the industry offering place solutions makes it one of the most respected providers of Mystery Shopping, Research & Training in the UK

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Elephant WIFI

ElephantWiFi are fast becoming the industry leader within the Digital High Street sector, delivering future proof Digital Solutions built on Wireless technologies that allow towns and cities to take control of their Digital Future. Elephant wifi Revive & Thrive Place Solutions Member

Our Solutions are built designed and developed by listening to our current and future customer’s country wide. ElephantWiFi along with our in-house developed revolutionary Footfall Solution GEO-Sense, is delivering to our client’s unprecedented insights into visitor numbers, movement and trends never seen or even understood before.

As part as our growing interest in the prosperity of our towns and cities and again by listening to people who are continually keen to and have a real interest their Places and along with working with Councils, BIDs, Town Managers and even Retailers, we have developed even more technology.

The launch of our bespoke individually designed Digital Information Kiosks. And we are very proud to announce our first of many installations country wide the installation within our home town of Hinckley Leicestershire.

We are a dedicated team of professionals to include in-house IT Solution Designers, Experts and Developers who are absolutely dedicated not to just design revolutionary Digital High Street Solutions but to advise and support our customers ongoing.

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Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations. From customer counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment tracking, our services monitor customer behaviour at the finest level of detail. We work with brands, malls, property owners, town centres and industry associations across the UK, Europe and North America.

We are renowned for our data accuracy, innovative technology and tailored solutions. We can utilise existing CCTV hardware, removing the need for costly and lengthy implementation. Alternatively, we can install our own proprietary hardware. And our tailored reports deliver clear insights that enable clients to act with speed and confidence.

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Drench is a breakthrough mobile app that helps boost footfall instantly in town and city centres. It uses geo-marketing, meaning if someone is walking by a certain shop or restaurant, they get ‘drenched’ with an offer from them. People then have to claim this drench before it dries up and disappears, as every single one has a timer on it. Drench is great for businesses as they can instantly boost footfall during traditionally quieter times, and it’s great for users as it’s fun, timely and surprising. Drench’s core mission is to help boost footfall on the high street and empower businesses with offers created on their own terms.
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LoyalFree is a market leading place app working with over 20 BIDs in the UK. The multi award winning app promotes business offers/loyalty schemes, events, tourism information and interactive trails. A UK wide initiative, the app has tens of thousands of existing users but is branded to each BID area and comes with a wealth of marketing support for your place. The app promotes people to save money when they shop local.

In 2020, an online marketplace was also introduced as a bolt-on to the LoyalFree service, providing an online sales platform for independent businesses as a response to Covid-19. LoyalFree is also widely praised for their successful charity scheme, whereby the company donate as loyalty stamps are collected.

Find out more about the LoyalFree service here: and read testimonials of the service here:

If you’d like to know more please get in touch on
LoyalFree currently work with 14 BIDs and over 1,500 businesses; both independents and multi nationals. The app is localised with your BID branding and a live dashboard of data is available to transparently display the success of the project. The project also comes with comprehensive marketing support.

Contact us on now to find out more and see how we can help you introduce a successful place app in your place.

Lisa Brown, Loughborough BID Manager says “The LoyalFree project has been more successful than we ever imagined. The app is able to promote everything in our town; offers, events and even digital trails. Everything is simple to set up and a fraction of the admin of our previous loyalty solution. I recommend any BID adds this project to their plan.”

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Maybe* entertains and engages shoppers by connecting their digital journey and the High Street into one seamless social experience on their phone.

The way we shop is changing rapidly. We now browse on our smartphones during our maybe-logo-largemorning commute, in a lunchtime break we shop online on our work PC or “showroom” in store on our smartphone, and then in the evenings “sofa surf” on our tablet devices.

High streets have to adapt in order to survive and succeed. For retailers, improving the mobile experience and personalising the customer journey is more critical than ever to business success.

Maybe*’s platform will turn the power of shopper’s smart phone into an asset for each city/town and retailer that they can use to better serve and personalise the retail experience. Maybe* is creating a solution that enables cities/towns and retailers to embrace their shoppers connectivity rather than constantly playing catch up with it.

• Research from Barclays predicts that 42% of all retail sales will involve a mobile device in some way or another this year.
• Despite this just 3% of retailers believe their business is at the cutting-edge when it comes to being mobile ready and a further 70% said they did not currently offer a mobile website or a mobile app for consumers.
• The government also recognises that the retail sector is undergoing a radical transformation and predict that by the 2020s, online shopping is predicted to have doubled and make up around twenty per cent of all retail activity.
• Google reports that 90% shoppers use multiple devices to complete an ecommerce transaction and that 74% of in purchase decisions are influenced by word of mouth.

For shoppers Maybe* delivers:
A way to connect their online and offline shopping experience with both retailers and the people that help them decide what to buy.Maybe_asterisk

For retailers Maybe* delivers:
A way to reach relevant customers who are shopping offline or online and provides a new level of customer insight that will drive business insight, efficiency and sales.

For a town Maybe* delivers:
A new level of Omni channel equality for all retailers that will improve the retail experience for all shoppers and provides a potential new revenue stream for a town.

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ShopAppy is a mobile-friendly website and app designed to encourage customers (both residents and visitors) to use local shops more frequently and to help cities and towns to divert online browsing and spending, to local footfall and spend.

85% of customers say they want to shop local, but they do not, because shops are closed when they return from work, or they simply don’t have time to find out what businesses do or sell.

ShopAppy changes all that – providing a collective shop window and a campaign that promotes shopping local. It is an advertising window and collective eCommerce site for businesses to promote and sell their products and services together online with an easy booking and click and collect service after shops have closed.

Now in 24 towns, our research has shown that 91% of people say ShopAppy encourages them to shop local more and there are three key reasons

It makes it easier for people to see what the local shops and services sell online – converting online browsing to actual visits
It makes it more convenient for time-pressed people to shop local
It is supported with a shop local campaign specific to the town which prompts people to think local more
Featured on BBC The One Show, BBC Look North, BBC Look East, ITV Calendar, ITV Anglian, Retail Week, The Grocer and iNewspaper – ShopAppy enables people who live, work or are visiting the location to easily browse products and services in the area with the added benefit of enabling them to book events, appointments, activities as well as buy products to collect their shopping at a convenient time during the day or after the shops have closed. ShopAppy combines the distinctiveness of businesses and places with the power of the online giant – “Convenience with a local conscience”

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More providers coming soon. If you offer this service please do get in touch to apply to be listed and we will access your application.


Bert & Gerts

Started through a love of arts and crafts in 2012, Bert and Gert’s is run by Birmingham based brothers Mark and Jason Wilkes. Bert and Gert’s aim is to support, encourage and promote small, local businesses and to bring arts and crafts to a wider audience. They run on average 150 arts and crafts events and markets per year around the country. They also have a bricks and mortar shop in Redditch, near Birmingham. The Little Gerties shop provides small businesses with an opportunity to share a shop and sell their products seven days a week.

You may also recognise Jason from appearances on Create & Craft TV, Bert & Gert’s Merchant Stores is their craft range all designed by Jason.

Jason says “Our events have a community feel, all the traders are supportive of each other and we want to give them the opportunity to grow their hobbies and passions in to successful sustainable businesses”.

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Lollipop Events

Lollipop Events have a proven track record for helping to build communities and drive footfall to areas that are in need of regeneration. Helping to put businesses in empty shops and consumers to regain confidence in their local shops and help ensure the future of their town centres. We do this through events and marketing. From conferences and networking events, to Christmas lights events, festivals and fun days, PR events, award ceremonies and away days.

We have been in business since 2002. Our experience in adapting our own business strategy to guide us through the recession helps us understand the challenges facing our High streets.

Owner Rachelle Harte received an award from the Mayor of London for “Outstanding Contribution to improving London and the lives of Londoners” and an Unsung Hero award from the London Borough of Bromley.

Lollipops have been invited by Rt. Hon the Lord Pickles to be one of the Best Practise Representatives for the 2019 Parliamentary Review, a series of independent publications, which aims to share best practice among policy makers, industry experts and business leaders. So you are in safe hands!

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Place solutions provider, PinPointer puts brands in the right place…………

…the very best place they can be to attract the customers they want.

We are leaders in ‘Location DNA’, a new way to make outdoor promotions more effective than ever.

Not only do we know the UK’s top promotional locations, we mine the data around them to deliver the demographic, footfall and customer insights that let brands build profits from places.

We generate extra revenue for place managers.

We’ll help you leverage the power of your high street as a promotional location, and drive reasons to visit.

We’ll add excitement by bringing new experiences, exclusive product launches and top presentations.

And we’ll showcase the potential of your town centre to brands looking for new store locations, and customers keen to spend.

Will manage every element for you…

…from people to prep to paperwork. We handle all the checks, legal requirements and planning so you can concentrate on the creative.

We’re a hugely experienced, versatile, industry-leading team that will bring your brand face-to-face with the customers you want.

Let us put you on the spot.

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Arro Lighting and Events

ARRO was founded in 2014 by the 2 directors Ross Syme and Aaron Andrews after 19 years combined experience within Christmas lighting, to provide professional lighting projects for Christmas and illumination festivals. They focus on the design and supply

of large scale immersive features, motifs and lighting components, for a wide range of clients including BID’s, City and Town councils, community groups and private organisations.

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Blachere Illumination

One of Revive & Thrive’s highest valued Place Solutions Members, Blachère Illumination is the original and largest illumination provider in the world, with over 40 years experience and a global network of 19 subsidiaries. Revive & Thrive Place Solutions

From the lighting of the Eiffel Tower in celebration of the new millennium in 2000 to the illumination of downtown Dubai for its first Festival of Light in 2014 or the new Champs-Élysées illumination project, Blachère’s expertise is valued throughout the world.

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Christmas Direct

Christmas Direct is one of the UK’s premier providers of festive lights and decorations. The company was established in 1998 by Charlie and Fiona Cameron who continue to drive the growth through high quality, individually designed festive lights, garlands, decorations and trees for businesses across the UK and Europe.

Whatever your space, budget or event, our friendly expert team can help you attract visitors by creating a festive display that delivers value and increased footfall for your town, city, high street or event.

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More providers coming soon. If you offer this service please do get in touch to apply to be listed and we will access your application.

More providers coming soon. If you offer this service please do get in touch to apply to be listed and we will access your application.


Design JD

Design JD is an established design company, specialising in signage & wayfinding. Working with BIDs, Town Centres and other clients we develop solutions to help people find their way around the built environment and open spaces. As well as delivering shop front improvement Place solutions schemes to improve the public realm and promote retail & business.

Projects we work on include; town centres, retail centres, office parks, business improvement districts, industrial estates, healthcare centres, education sites, stadiums and parks. First we understand the challenges of the area, then evolve a strategy, fitting in with the purpose of; the users, the organisation, its buildings, the area and culture. This can encompass, new signage, landscaping, sculptures, and other navigational devices. This is with the purpose of:

Making it easier for destinations / locations to be found
Increase brand awareness and regional profile
Keep and attract more; footfall, tourism & business
Increase user engagement
Increase the use of sustainable transport and cutting emissions

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