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Revive & Thrive Membership will provide you with regular networking opportunities with people who share your passion for where we live, work and play.  Revive & Thrive Membership will ensure that you have a voice to share your concerns and shape national policy  Revive & Thrive Membership

We have a national reach and a solid platform for you to promote your work, events and projects through our monthly Place magazine, website and social media.

With our new distinct Revive & Thrive membership give you free access to all Revive & Thrive events and competitions and much much more, we are your one stop place shop!


Revive & Thrive Membership

Places Membership 

Place Management professionals, BID Managers, Town Centre Managers, Town Teams, Councillors, Local Authority employees and other voluntary groups. Connect with other Professional Place Managers and share best practice and experience in running a successful town or city.

Place Solutions Membership 

Businesses who provide solutions or products for where we live, work and play. Be part of a solution focused collaboration tasked with building a new future for town and city centres with an emphasis on engagement and action.

 Individual Membership

Place Management Associates, retailers, and passionate people. All those working in a freelance capacity with towns, cities and communities up and down the country. Or passionate people doing wonderful things outside a formal structure.


Revive & Thrive Membership Benefits

National and Regional Networking: This is what we do best! Revive & Thrive connect people. So it’s no surprise that we hold regular events, competitions and campaigns and of course publish our monthly Place magazine all designed for you to connect, share best practice and work together. All of which are *free to Place Members and Place Solutions Members  and discounted for Individual Membership! This year we will be holding two national conferences and at least 4 regional events where we will be focusing on whole town engagement.

Revive & Thrive Advisory Service: You will benefit from unlimited access to Revive & Thrive’s Advisory Service including our panel of Place Management experts and it’s prestigious Board of Directors and officer Team.

Revive & Thrive membership
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Policy Updates: We feel that this is one of the most important services that we can provide to our members so we are expanding our board of National Place Management Leaders, from whom we gain so much of our insight, advice and knowledge. Together we will translate the most up to date political developments in place, to aid your work at a local level in a monthly policy newsletter. 

Free National Promotion: Promote your place. We will provide you with unlimited opportunities to shout about your place via our website and through our social media and in our monthly national online Place magazine  Revive & Thrive’s Place for Towns and Cities Magazine.  Place has a reach in excess of 30,000 and is aimed at Towns, Cities, UK Destinations, Councils, BIDs, Town Team, Towns Partnership, Place Management professionals and all others passionate about place.

Influencing Change: Revive & Thrive are in a position to be a voice for all people passionate about place with our 30,000+ audience and members we are able to use this strength in numbers  to Lobby for positive change, communicating your concerns, fears, questions and needs to Government.

Revive & Thrive Experience: We will bring to you some of the very best Town Solutions.  Your Councils, BIDs, businesses and public can see what is on offer whilst enjoying an interactive and inspiring event.

Discounts and special offers: From our Place Solutions members who offer some of the top town centre solutions and products. This includes The Blachere Digital Pathway for Places, a tool for connecting your place – the people and businesses in it – to make a real and lasting difference. The Digital Pathway will make it easier for you to achieve your digital dreams.

Other Discounted Revive & Thrive Services available to  Members

Place Magazine: all members benefit from 50% discounts on advertising in Place Magazine.  This is in addition to the opportunity to submit stories, blogs and articles at no cost.

Recruitment Service: With a national reach of 30,000+ individuals, Councils, BID’s and other interested people we will advertise employment opportunities to reach some of the best!

Revive & Thrive Twitter Service: Targeted Twitter campaigns designed for localities, councils, organisations and companies interested in towns, cities and communities. Revive & Thrive can create an exciting Twitter campaign for your high street, town, city and/or community.

* £10 admin fee per event per person only for first person.  Others wishing to attend our events and conference associated with the membership enjoy 50% discount.

Annual Membership Pricing

All Members will receive free entry to all events and competitions (Excluding evening meals. There will be a £10 administration fee when booking event and competitions)

40% discount available for new members joining until end 2017.  Get in touch to join for the rest of the year

Discounts available on request for charities

 Individual membership


Smaller Places memberships (for places with a population of less than 15,000)


Place Membership


Super Place Membership (for BID’s with a levy of £500K +)


Multi Place Membership ( up to 4 towns)


Place Solutions membership


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