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Revive & Thrive Membership – it’s all about talking, sharing and learning for the benefit of UK places and their regeneration and economic development.

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From July 2017 membership has been upgraded to increase the ability for members to communicate with each other and Revive & Thrive to access the most valuable asset that we in place management have and that it’s knowledge, experience and great ideas.

There’s huge point of difference between the benefits of Revive & Thrive Membership and other organisation who occupy a similar space.  For this reason, Revive & Thrive Membership is priced economically to enable membership of more than one organisation and it’s benefits will enable a return on investment over and over again.

Additionally Business Group members enjoy greatly increased benefits as do Corporate Advocates and both now become sponsors of Revive & Thrive.

Please read the benefits below and join using the form below or email alternatively call 03330 124285.


Membership option New Membership Benefits


Annual Subscription and sponsorship
Individual members people passionate about place and who care deeply about where they live, work and play.
  • Receive inclusive Place for Towns & Cities Magazine emailed directly each month
  • Free entry to all Revive & Thrive events*
  • Access to Advisory service
  • Write articles for Place Magazine
  • Policy updates
  • 50% discount on Advertising in Place Magazine
  • Reach out to our Regional Advisors or even become one yourself
£110 + VAT per annum
Associate Membership typically place management professionals and consultants
  • All of the above plus:
  • Opportunities to work with Revive & Thrive on consultancy and delivery contracts where relevant
  • Collaborate on tenders where relevant
  • Work for Revive & Thrive where appropriate and where geographically relevant on live contracts
  • Use of branding to promote being part of our wide network


£145 + VAT per annum

The following memberships enjoy all the benefits as listed in the centre column – 


Smaller Places Membership – Population less than 15,000



Place Membershipfor medium size towns, cities, Councils and BIDs etc



Super Place Membership – for BID Levy greater than £500k



Multi Place – Up to 4 Towns or places





Bespoke Place Membership -packages also available

  • Free entry to all Revive & Thrive events*
  • Regional event hosting –  bring the expertise and the ideas to you
  • Place promotion via Revive & Thrive marketing and events
  • Place Magazine emailed to you each month for you to read and share with colleagues, residents and businesses
  • Policy updates
  •  50% discount on Advertising in Place Magazine
  • Discount on Place solutions from members
  • 25% Discount on Recruitment service costs
  • 10% discount on Revive & Thrive Consultancy
  • Promote your events for free in Place Magazine
  • Early notification of our annual challenges such as the Blachere Christmas Light Competition or Local Legend or Revive & Thrive Challenge
  • One four-page supplement per year promoting your own content about your place in Place Magazine and online
  • Unlimited articles published in Place Magazine each month
  • Reach out to our Regional Advisors or even become one yourself
  • Initial Revive & Thrive advisory support:
  • If you are considering a BID one of the Revive & Thrive Directors will come to your town or city and discuss options and feasibility of a BID working in your area.
  • ….and for only an extra £100 + subsistence (if required) a Revive & Thrive Director will come to your place and share their knowledge and experience and Revive & Thrive best practice and discuss how this could be applied to your area.  This could be in the form of a one to one or a presentation to a business group, BID or Council.
  • Access to the Revive & Thrive Expert Panel advisory service

All the above is included in all the Place Membership packages on the left

Price on application 





 £175 + VAT per annum




£345 + VAT per annum  




£545  +  VAT per annum




£1195 + VAT per annum




Business Group Sponsors and Members
  • Free entry to all Revive & Thrive events for two people 
  • Policy updates
  • Two full page adverts in Place Magazine for every year of membership
  • 50% discount on Advertising in Place Magazine
  • Share your message through our social media reach of circa 30,000
  • Sponsor and speak at Regional Event for just the cost of covering a light buffet
  • Share non-sales articles each month in Place Magazine
  • Create direct contact with Regional Advisors to explore regional opportunities
  • Branding promoted and sponsorship of one page of Place Magazine each month to keep your business always in the mind of your clients
  • Logo and business details promoted on Revive & Thrive website
  • Discounted exhibition space
  • Discount off all Revive & Thrive services such as consultancy day rate and Place Recruitment Service
  • Revive & Thrive does not generate leads but will always signpost opportunities for Business Group Sponsors.  NB – Revive & Thrive does not accept commission
£495 + VAT per annum
Corporate Advocates
  • All of the above plus –       
  • Double page advert in every Place Magazine
  • Monthly column for blogging
  • Highest profile presence on website and all outgoing mail
  • Preferential rights for speaking slots at events and incoming opportunities
  • Superior exhibition space at all our conferences (discounted basic exhibition space not included)
  • Logo in footer on front page of every Place Magazine
  • Bespoke campaigns designed in partnership with Revive & Thrive Directors
From £295+VAT/month (in addition to annual Solutions subscription)
*rare exceptions may apply such as when R&T is partnering with other organisations 
i.e. REVO autumn 2017


Other Discounted Revive & Thrive Services available to  Members

Place Magazine: all members benefit from 50% discounts on advertising in Place Magazine.  This is in addition to the opportunity to submit stories, blogs and articles at no cost.

Recruitment Service: With a national reach of 30,000+ individuals, Councils, BID’s and other interested people we will advertise employment opportunities to reach some of the best!

Revive & Thrive Twitter Service: Targeted Twitter campaigns designed for localities, councils, organisations and companies interested in towns, cities and communities. Revive & Thrive can create an exciting Twitter campaign for your high street, town, city and/or community.

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