Talking Towns Event Winchester 8th July 2015

Revive & Thrive; Talking Towns – Presenting Solutions miconex logo

Revive & Thrive’s series of Town Events continues the theme of two way discussions between delegates and a panel of experts in their individual fields.

The Winchester event on July 8th 2015 is being hosted by Winchester Business Improvement District and sponsored by miconex.

The four sessions include topics with the following themes – [dropshadowbox align=”right” effect=”lifted-both” width=”250px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]“I would recommend these events to everyone, you get so much out of them.” “We were delighted to show everyone our little corner of the world, Tamworth and to share what we are trying to do here. We not only received knowledge and new impetus but made great new contacts, people we can now call friends.” Stacy Birt, Tourism and Town Centre Development Officer. Tamworth Borough Council.[/dropshadowbox]

  • COMMUNICATION – Engaging with customers and visitors.
  • PARTICIPATION & EXPERIENCE – as a hub of a community, a town centre must be more than just retail.
  • MEASUREMENT – The importance of measuring and analysing  results.
  • PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER – the role of a Business Improvement District in learning from results and planning success
The usual Revive & Thrive principles of sharing best practice and project ideas for communities for free remains the same along with interaction and two-way share of ideas.  

This new solution led discussion between delegates and specialists and experts from different disciplines will create a learning experience that will deliver outcomes for everyone to take back to their communities and apply.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Click here to download agenda here

#talkingtownswinchester Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive - Talking Towns Event. Hosted by Winchester BID, sponsored by miconex

Click here to download agenda here or read on below. Please also take a look at this video of Talking Towns Tamworth on 22nd June 2015 courtesy of Destination Tamworth

09.30 – Registration, networking and refreshments.

10.00 – Introduction and welcome: Catherine Turness (BID Manager, Winchester BID), Colin Munro (MD, miconex) and Matthew Powell (COO, Revive & Thrive)

10.15 – Session One: Introductions then panel discussion on COMMUNICATION – Engaging with customers and visitors.  To include topics such as use of social media, communications strategies for towns and cities, incentivisation, wayfinding and the use of digital solutions

Chair – Gillian Jeffrey, Trainer & Facilitator for SpaceQube

Panellists include –  Winchester logo

  • Catherine Turness (Winchester BID)
  • Colin Munro (MD, miconex)
  • Jonathan Docksey (Design JD)
  • Chitresh Sharma (Swipii)
  • Paul Jenkins (M.R.S. Communications)

11.05 – Refreshments Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive - Talking Towns Event. Hosted by Winchester BID, sponsored by miconex

11.20 – Session Two: Introductions then panel discussion on PARTICIPATION & EXPERIENCE – as a hub of a community, a town centre must be more than just retail.  This discussion considers customer service, interactive signage and displays, augmented reality, using voids to nurture entrepreneurs, retailer staff training and imaginative events.

Chair – Gillian Jeffrey

Panellists include –Revive & Thrive logo

  • Alison John (Space-Qube)
  • Jeremy Rucker (City Dressing)
  • Catherine Turness
  • Sue Dawson (Global Treasure Apps)
  • Jeff Caplan (Storecheckers)
  • Matthew Powell (Revive & Thrive)
  • Jonathan Docksey

12.15 – Colin Munro, MD, miconex:  Using digital communications to support regeneration and experiences of rolling digital technology across Scotland

12.40 – Free buffet lunch, kindly provided by miconex

13.10 – Walking tour of Winchester by Winchester’s Tourist Guides

13.50 – Presentation by Catherine Turness and Chris Turner of Winchester BID – the work of the BID locally and measuring success.

14.10 – Session Three: Introductions then panel discussion on MEASUREMENT – The importance of measuring results, data collection, data analysis and next steps 

The venue for Revive & Thrive's latest Talking Towns Event
The venue for Revive & Thrive’s latest Talking Towns Event

Chair – Gary Williams (BoConcepts)

Panellists include –

  • Chris Turner
  • Colin Munro
  • Alison John
  • Matthew Powell
  • Sven Latham (noggin)

14.55 – Refreshments

15.10 – Session Four – PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER – the importance of BIDs in evaluating the results of communication, participation, experience, supporting retailers and measurement.  This will include learning from mistakes as well as success and ensuring all stakeholders know their role in future successes.

Chair – Jeremy Rucker

Panellists include – Eventbrite - Revive & Thrive - Talking Towns Event. Hosted by Winchester BID, sponsored by miconex

  • Chris Turner
  • Colin Munro
  • Jeremy Rucker
  • Chris Levoi (BCR)
  • Matthew Powell
  • Gary Williams

15.50 – Summing up and what we have learnt.  Colin Munro, Chris Turner and Matthew Powell

16.00 – Close

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