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Local Legend Campaign – Enhancing engagement between residents, businesses, Councils, BID’s and other stakeholders


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Do you know a Local Legend, or perhaps you are a Local Legend?

Local Legends are individuals or a group of passionate people, local businesses, BID’ s, Councils or Town Teams. Who, with imagination, energy and motivation have made their place remarkable. It may be an event, an experience, service or solution that you are developing or something you have already achieved.

Your Local Legend now has the chance to go one further and win from a number of prizes for your town, city, community or high street.

Local Legend

Why run this campaign?

Revive & Thrive Local Legend Campaign sponsored by PinPointer

Working with the business and resident community and having two-way conversations between them and BIDs and Councils strips away barriers to success.  Barriers such as lack of cash, lack of consensus, lack of support, lack of political will are removed when you can reach across the community.

The campaign will have four elements to it, Inspire, Do, Deliver and Achieve with the intention of finding the ‘Holy Grail’ of place management……..

….meaningful engagement between residents, businesses, Councils, BID’s and other stakeholders

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The Four Stages

We are looking for Legends at every stage in their development.  From those who are already being brilliant to those who are just getting started and those who have an idea that they want to deliver.

Soon to be Legends can learn from successful Legends and existing successful Legends can learn and share ideas with other Legends elsewhere in the UK

Inspire – March 2017 Sponsored by PinPointer 

We will be looking at inspirational projects that are happening have happened or are being planned across the UK by Local Legends

So often, we have conversations that include the sentence ‘our retailers won’t engage’ or ‘we hold these meetings but no one turns up’.  One could argue that it’s because we are not delivering the projects that businesses or residents want, but it could still be a project that they or the wider centre needs.

By promoting successful case studies and by coaching on the essential need to engage and work in partnership with existing local stakeholder groups, we will inspire and encourage people to become more involved and create their own projects but working with BIDs, Councils, Town Partnerships and other stakeholders, rather than in isolation.

Inspire phase come to an end at the Legendary Places Spring Conference 2nd/3rd March 2017.

Plan / DoLocal Legend

April – Oct 2017

 During the Plan / Do phase, we’ll be looking for the people to whom problems are not a barrier to success.  We’ll be looking for innovative solutions for fund raising, obtaining buy-in from residents, businesses and stakeholders, sourcing venues, identifying promotion etc.

There will be no problems facing Legends in this phase just actions that need resolving.

We’ll be drawing on the relationships that existed or emerged during the Do phase to learn how Legends went from Inspiring to Delivering.


Oct – March 2018Revive & Thrive Local Legend Campaign sponsored by PinPointer

Putting it all together.  Apply all the planning from Phase 2.

We want to learn how venues were or will be sourced, how the Legends communicated with the community or how they plan to, how any of the elements were or will be sourced to deliver the desired outcome.

If the Legends had or have to ‘beg, borrow and steal’ to get what they need, how successful was this approach and what can other places learn from the Legend?   

How successful were the planning meetings in enabling delivery to be successful?  Did the meetings in Phase 2 just result in being a talking shop or were they of value?

How did working with Councils, BIDs etc enhance the delivery phase?

Phase 3 will end with the examination of the existing Legends  launch of their project, campaign or event.  Or with the launch of the new or aspiring Legend’s project, campaign or event


April – Oct 2018

How was that for you?  How successful was the event or launch?  What was learnt?  What was or is the lasting legacy?  Were the outcomes the ones that the Legend intended?

At the end of the two year Local Legend campaign the aspiring Legends catch up with the existing and experienced Legends and we ask what was learnt.

This is where we understand in great detail the sustainability of the Legend’s project.and if the rest of the community will support its continuation.

During this phase we examine how Legends are or are intending to measure the success of the event or project.  

What next?

Now we all use the experience of this campaign to inspire the next generation of Legends, help them to avoid the pitfalls and importantly learn the inspirational ideas possessed by the ‘new kids on the block’.

How to get involved Local LegendsNominate your Local Legend


Nominate your Local Legends now (this can be yourself).

We will follow your journey, hear about your struggles and successes, help to connect you to experts and gain insight and advice from others. We will share your stories and knowledge in our national monthly online Place magazine, through our social media platforms  and via our website so that your great work can be be replicated nationwide.

We would also like to offer our nominees a 20% discount on membership to Revive & Thrive before February 21st 2017.

Deadline for applications is 19th February 2017

Legendary Places Conference and prize giving

On March 2nd & 3rd 2017 we would like to invite all nominees to our Revive & Thrive Legendary Places Conference in Northwich where you will have the chance to present your project to our panel of expert judges. We will be using your work as case studies for our experts to lead discussions so that we can all learn. At the evening dinner  we will be presenting some of you with regional and UK’s local legend awards.  More details here 

The prizesLocal Legend

Revive & Thrive’s Place Solutions members have offered a vast array of town solution services and products as prizes! They will be presenting the winners with the prizes that they feel will be most suitable to where they  live, work and play at the Legendary Places and Spring Conference on 2nd and 3rd March 2017.  

How to get involved

Nominate your Local Legend (or yourself!) There is a £15+VAT administration charge to nominate your Local Legend 

Complete the Local Legends application form below, email any additional images, videos or links to legend@reviveandthrive.co.uk

Sponsor this event?Revive & Thrive Local Legend Campaign sponsored by PinPointer

We are delighted to say that PinPointer is key Sponsor for this campaign.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy making, shaping and inspiring the people and places where you live, work and play.

You can pay your administration fee below via PayPal or email enquiries@reviveandthrive.co.uk to request an invoice or other payment method.

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