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The launch of the Revive & Thrive Welsh Towns Community follows on from Swansea BID Chief Executive, Russell Greenslade, becoming Revive & Thrive’s Ambassador for Welsh Towns.  See press release here

Welsh Towns Community
Russell Greenslade – CEO Swansea BID and Ambassador for Welsh Towns

The purpose of this new Welsh Towns Community is to share best practice and great ideas across Wales, to ensure that towns preserving and promoting their centres are not working in isolation and to embed town and city centres at the centre of Welsh Government policy.

This new community will focus on inspiring residents, retailers and other businesses, Councils and Business Improvement Districts to create and promote their own projects and events that will ensure that our centres are places to gather.  This gathering will not only be for retail but a place for community and experience.

Revive & Thrive’s Head Office is nestled right at the centre of Wales in Newtown, Powys, and it has always been the belief of the company’s Founder that Wales has a unique opportunity to help its towns benefit from the strong feeling of heritage and pride that exists in the country.

Revive & Thrive has a strong set of communication tools that will allow people to promote what they are doing locally at a national level as well as learn from others.  Revive & Thrive’s Place Magazine will become a conduit for this shared learning along with adopting social media to encourage and nurture discussion.

Being part of the network will also enable members to meet frequently at regional meetings aimed specifically at discussion around our centres and high streets.

This will be a vibrant and interactive, action led community that will offer feedback and support to the Welsh Government and others who are involved in research and shaping policy.  Join Revive & Thrive

The regional events will be free to attend for subscribers to the community and members of Revive & Thrive.

As a subscriber to the network, Place Magazine is available to you to write articles to show off about your place and appeal for any support or inspiration.  And of course, Place Magazine will be free for you to download each month

If you want to be part of a national discussion about Welsh towns, their high streets and their communities we would be very keen for you to get involved.

Revive & Thrive full members can come to our Conference on March 2nd/3rd in Northwich for free and new subscribers to the Welsh Towns Community will enjoy 35% discount off tickets.

Initial launch annual subscription options are –

  • £35 + vat for towns of less than 5,000 population
  • £45 + vat for towns of less than 10,000 population
  • £65 + vat for towns of less than 15,000 population
  • £75 + vat for towns of more than 15,000 population
  • Or, if your town is in Wales, take full Revive & Thrive Membership with a 30% discount.

To find out more or to join email or call 03330 124285


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